There Goes the Serials Department...!

Bill Davies Retires !
By Jennifer Ware, Acquisitions

Bill Davies has retired, just a month short of 28 years with the CSUS Library.

Bill began his library career as a CA II Typist in the Serials Department, using a manual card system to check in periodicals. Over the years, he steadily increased his job responsibilities and in 1986 was classified a LAIII. He has worked with the Innovacq/Innopac system from the beginning of beta testing in the early 1980s. In 1992 when the Serials and Acquisitions Departments combined, Bill became the Serials Unit Head.

In Dec 1989, Bill earned his MLS at San Jose State University. For many years he volunteered as the Librarian at the California Citizen Soldier Museum, for which he was honored with the State of California Medal of Merit. Bill has a wealth of knowledge about handling serials - variations with titles, numeration, frequency, etc - all the aspects that keep the job challenging. He has coordinated numerous projects in Serials, such as shifting bound periodicals to the Lower Level, and reviewing and all the periodical, classed serial, and government document check-in records/cards on a rotating basis. In 1998, Bill was a valued member of the Periodicals Task Force that examined how periodical services in the Library could be improved.

During his career Bill supervised the periodical stacks/shelving, the serials workroom, periodical gifts, binding, book repair, the periodicals desk, and microforms. He has been an excellent student supervisor, and coordinator of the student assistant allocations in Serials. We have sorely missed Bill during the past 4 months while he has been on medical leave; we'll continue to miss him, but we wish him all the best in his retirement.

Donna Retiring!

After 30 years of work and dedication to the CSUS Library, Donna Gollihur has decided its time to retire! Her last day of work will be October 5.

Donna began working for the Library in October 1973 as a temporary clerk typist for the Processing Department in the original Library building - now Lassen Hall. In 1974, concurrent to moving into the current Library building, Donna was promoted to permanent status in Book Repair as a member of the Cataloging Department. In July 1989 she added and learned the responsibilities of coordinating the processing of all the binding shipments for periodicals, serials, and government documents and was promoted to an LAII in the Serials Department.

She holds a unique position in the Library. No one else has the years of experience with book repair, and she has worked with the Binding operation from the time it was a manual, card-based system through the introduction of the binding function in Innovacq, to the current binding function in the Serials Module of Innopac Millenium in conjunction with an online commercial binding vendor's system. She has coordinated the binding of approximately 120,00 periodical volumes in her Library career in addition to classed serials and government documents! Always smiling and personable, Donna is a great student supervisor (her students enjoy working with her and stay for years!), and has an excellent rapport with the binding vendor. The Acquisitions Department will surely miss Donna's skills and presence.

Details of her retirement get-together will be forthcoming.