Who was that robed man? Olympic Exhibit brings 6th Graders
By Anne Bradley, Reference Department

If you were around the Library Monday morning you may have noticed Reza Peigahi and a few other individuals dressed in ancient Greek garb. It was all part of a living history experience put on by the Library for local 6th grade students. Over 80 students from Maple Elementary and Abraham Lincoln Elementary came to campus to learn about the Ancient Olympic games.

Activities included stops at five different stations located throughout the library where one or more actors dressed in Greek-inspired clothing acted as various historical and mythic Greek figures. For example, at one eye-catching station on the third floor link students learned how ancient athletes trained for and competed in the ancient Games from “Xenophon,” a famous Olympian from the 700s B.C. Students learned about the role of women in the Ancient Olympics at a station hosted by two jovial sisters. And our own Reza “Xanthias” Peigahi went barefooted as he led the students on a brief tour of the library.

After completing each station, students headed over to the Student Union for lunch, a brief film, and prizes! Each of the elementary schools received a children’s book about the Olympics for the school library. And a few lucky students took home either an Olympic plush bear, an official Olympic cap, or a colorful Olympic book.

This was just one of many events happening in the Library in conjunction with the Track and Field Olympic Time Trials which will be held on campus in July. Tamara Frost Trujillo, George Paganelis, Roz Van Auker, Anne Bradley, and Carol Gebel worked tirelessly to ensure this endeavor turned out to be such as success.
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