Library Media Center (LMC) Conference Room Usage Policy


The two conference rooms (Room 1522 and Room 1533) of the Library Media Center (LMC) are primarily for the use of Sacramento State faculty members for their teaching and academic programs. Other acceptable usage of the two rooms includes the university and library sponsored/supported activities and campus affiliates, such as the Renaissance Society.

Faculty may have four active reservations per month at any given time in each semester based on the room availability. Standing reservations for the entire semester are not allowed. We encourage room users to reserve on specific dates and times during which their classes will be using media from the library collections.

Faculty must submit their requests via the online room booking form on the LMC website ( and allow at least 24 business hours ahead of scheduled classes for LMC to process their requests. Reservations are approved on a first come, first served basis with a notification to the requester. If you have questions or require assistance with reservations please contact the Library Media Center (

Room users are responsible for all teaching activities in the rooms including playing films from the library collection for classes and returning furniture to its original placement after classes. All signage, decorations or displays must be removed at the conclusion of the class.

Room users may use the email confirmation they receive upon booking to cancel a reservation. Food and beverage are prohibited in the rooms.

Reserve a Conference Room