This spring, the librarians at Sac State reviewed the library’s print bound journals that include content duplicated in online JSTOR packages to which the library subscribes (Arts & Sciences I-XII and Life Sciences).

As a result of this study, the Sac State University Library plans to withdraw all print, bound volumes and duplicate microforms that are available in e-format from JSTOR.

Why is the Library taking this action?

The library initiated this project because local practice as well as national surveys has indicated that library users prefer using the online journal format over print. Also, withdrawing the journals that are available in JSTOR will create space for growth and additional study space.

What is included in JSTOR?

Sac State University Library offers access to JSTOR’s online archival journal collections which include more than fifteen hundred journals in the humanities, social sciences, and sciences.

JSTOR collections include the complete archival record of each journal. Coverage begins at the first volume and issue of the journal ever published, and extends up to a publication date usually set in the past three to five years.

What happens if a title drops out of JSTOR?

JSTOR is a very stable database. Journal titles are not removed from its online archive; we have perpetual electronic access to the content of the Arts & Sciences I-XII and Life Sciences collections. There will be no loss of electronic access to any issues, nor any cancellations. Should the need arise for access to withdrawn print volumes, we will acquire said volumes through Interlibrary Loan.

What will happen to current subscriptions duplicated in JSTOR?

A few titles are current print subscriptions; those loose issues will be retained in print in the Library until the volume year is picked up by JSTOR.

Which titles does this affect?

View the list of titles to be withdrawn. The titles on this list are scheduled to be withdrawn during summer 2017.

Whom to contact:

We welcome comments and questions about this project. Please contact Jennifer Ware, Collection Development Coordinator, jdware@csus.edu. The deadline for comments is April 28, 2017.