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EUREKA -- CSU Sacramento Online Catalog http://eureka.lib.csus.edu/ Eureka is the CSUS's local online library system. It includes materials that are found in the University Library. Eureka allows you to locate books, periodicals, government publications, music scores, films and more. Eureka also provides status information, e.g. if the material is checked out.It does not, however, index journal contents or include the full text of articles.

To find books it is useful to include other keywords with the examples of possible keywords listed below. For example: "and literature" or "and writers".
Hispanic Hispanoamericanos Cuba* (will find Cuba and Cuban)
Spanish American Latin America Mexic* (Mexico, Mexican, Mexicano)
Remember to look under the spanish term as well, i.e., literatura, escritores, etc. A search for a specific author could be done as a keyword, subject, or author search.

HAPI, Hispanic American periodicals index (1970-1995) 2 North FZ 6953.8 .H36
Index to latin American periodical literature (1926-1975; includes 2 supplements)
4 North Quarto PQZ 1601 .P16
Indice general de publicaciones periódicas latinoamericanas v.1-10 (1961-1970) 3 North PQZ 1601 .P162
Revistas hispanoamericanas, índice bibliográfico (1843-1935)
2 South AI 17 .L4

ELECTRONIC DATABASES. Databases relevant for Spanish langauge materials: /databases/default.asp?mode=spn
CLASE/PERIÓDICA* HAPI (Hispanic American Periodical Index)*
MLA   1968-current
Chicano Database  1967-current
Essay and General Literature Index  1985-current
Project MUSE
Infotrac: Expanded Academic   1980-current. EBSCOhost: Academic Search  1990-current
Ethnic NewsWatch Lexis-Nexis: Academic Universe
* Spanish language resources

Diccionario enciclopedico U.T.E.H.A. v.1-10; plus apendice v.1-2   AE65 .D47 1964
Diccionario enciclopédico abreviado.   AE61 .D5
Enciclopedia de México.   ref F1204 .E5 1977
Enciclopedia universal ilustrada europeo-americana. v.1-70   AE 61 .E6
Encyclopedia of Latin American history and culture. v.1-10   ref F1406 .E53 1996
Encyclopedia of Mexico: history, society & culture. v.1-2   ref F1210 .E63 1997
The Oxford encyclopedia of Mesoamerican cultures. v.1-3  ref F1218.6 .O95 2001

2001 Spanish And English Idioms.   ref PC4460 S36 1995
The American Heritage Spanish Dictionary: Spanish/English, Inglés/Español.
 ref PC4640 A47 2001
Dictionary of Latin American Spanish Phrases and Expressions.   ref PC4822 H36 2002
The Oxford Spanish Dictionary and Grammar.  
ref PC4640 L443 2001
Random House Latin-American Spanish Dictionary.  ref PC4822 G65 2000
Webster's desk Spanish-English, English-Spanish Dictionary.   ref PC4640 W425 1999

A Bibliographical guide to Spanish American Literature: Twentieth-century sources.
 ref PQZ1609 L7 R438 1988
Guide to Reference Works for the Study of the Spanish Language and Literature and Spanish American Literature.   ref PCZ4071 A2 W66 1997
Hispanic Periodicals in the United States; Origins to 1960.   ref PNZ6953.5 S66 K36 2000

Diccionario de Literature Espanola.  ref PQ6006 D5 1972 The Oxford Companion to Spanish Literature.  ref PQ6006 O93
Dictionary of Mexican Literature.  ref PQ7106 D53 1992 Handbook of Latin American Literature.  PQ7081 A1 H36 1992
Dictionary of Spanish Literature.  ref PQ6006.N4 Handbook of Latin American Studies.  ref FZ1605 H23 no.1-40
Ensayo de un Diccionario de la Literature.  ref PN41 S3 The Latin American Short Story: a Critical Survey.  PQ7082 S5 L35 1983
A Glossary of Spanish Literary Composition.  ref PC4680 R4 Guide to the Cinema of Spain.  ref PN1993.5 S7 D68 1997

Dir. of Spanish and Portuguese Film-Makers and Films.  ref PN1993.5 S7 E83 1994 Spanish American Authors: the Twentieth Century.  ref PQ7081.3 F57 1992
Diccionario de Escritores Mexicanos.  ref PQ7106 O24 Spanish American Women Writers.  PQZ 1609 L7 S6 1990
Hispanic Writers.  ref PQ7081.3 H58 1991 Latin American Writers.  ref PQ7081 A1 L37 v1-3
Dictionary of Literary Biography:
     Modern Latin-American Fiction Writers.  ref PS125 D5 v145
     Twentieth-Century Spanish Poets; First Series.  ref PS125 D5 v108
     Twentieth-Century Spanish Poets; Second Series.  ref PS125 D5 v134
Who's Who in Spain.  DP271 A2 W5 1963
Biographical dictionary of Hispanic literature in the United States: the literature of Puerto Ricans, Cuban Americans, and other Hispanic writers.  ref PQ 7420.2.K3 1989
Spanish, Catalan, and Galician Literary Authors of the Twentieth Century.  ref Z2691 A1 Z83 1992 

The contemporary Spanish novel: an annotated, critical bibliography, 1936-1994. ref PQZ 2694.F4 A64 1996
Hispanic literature criticism.  ref PQ 6039.H5 1994
Women authors of modern Hispanic South America: a bibliography of literary criticism and interpretation.   ref PQZ 1609.L7 C94 1989
Modern Spanish and Portuguese literatures.   ref PQ 6072.M57 1988
Spanish literature, 1500-1700: a bibliography of Golden Age studies in Spanish and English, 1925-1980.   ref PQZ 2692.M67 1984

Encyclopedia of contemporary Spanish culture. ref DP233.5 E63 1999
Culture and customs of Colombia.   ref F2279 .W55 1999
Culture and customs of Costa Rica.   ref F1548 .H45 2000
Culture and customs of Ecuador. ref F3738 .H34 2000
Culture and customs of Guatemala.  ref F1466.5 .S52 2001

Diccionario de escritores mexicanos http://www.arts-history.mx/literat/li.html
ExpoEscritores http://www.expoescritores.com/
Indice de Autores
Information on authors from different Spanish language countries can be also be searched via the web, i.e. escritores argentina.

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