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HEALTH CARE: Statistics on Health, Injury, Medical Assistance & Insurance, Health Personnel

Accidents & Injury
Ethnic Groups
Heart & Stroke
Infectious Diseases
Long-Term Care/Chronic Conditions
Medical Programs
Morbidity/Mortality/Vital- California
Morbidity/Mortality/Vital- US
Sexually Transmitted Diseases
Substance Abuse
World Health
Employment: Nurses/Physicians
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Abortion: a Reference Handbook, 2nd ed  Ref HQ 767.5 U5 C67 1996
Abortion an Eternal Social & Moral Issue  Ref HQ 767 A26 2002
California Vital Statistics (Birth/death rates, etc.)
Encyclopedia of Abortion in the United States  Ref HQ 767.5 U5 P35 2002
International Handbook on Abortion  Ref HQ 767 I668 1988
Statistical Handbook on the World's Children  Ref HQ 767.9 K38 2002
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Accident Facts (Now titled- Injury Facts)  Ref HV 676 A1 A2 1955 - 1999
Databook on Nonfatal Injury: Incidence, Costs & Consequences  Ref RD 93.8 D38 1995
EPIC/California Injury Data Online
Handbook of Injury and Violence Prevention  ref RA 645 T 73 H36 2007
Injury and Trauma Sourcebook: Basic Consumer Health Information about the Impact of Injury, the
    Diagnosis and Treatment of Common and Traumatic Injuries, Emergency Care, and
    Specific Injuries Related to Home, Community, Workplace, Transportation, and
    Recreation…, 1st ed.
ref RD 93 I552 2002
Injury Fact Book (CDC annual)
Injury Facts /National Safety Council 2000-current  ref HV 676 A1 A2
National Safety Council-What are the Odds of Dying
Senior Fall Injuries/EPIC data
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Breast Cancer Facts & Figures 2007-2008
    Also available at Ref RC 280 B8 B76 (1996-current)
Breast Cancer in California: a Closer Look, 2004
Breast Cancer in California, 2003  Calif. Docs. CA H914.B74 2004
California Cancer Facts & Figures 2009
    Also available at Ref RC 261 A1 C3 (1992 -current)
California Cancer Mortality Rates, 1980-1984  Ref RC 277 C3 C32 1988
California Cancer Registry-Statistics
Cancer en Puerto Rico  Ref RC 279 P8 P8 (1975-79; 1981-91)
Cancer Facts & Figures (ACS)
    Also available at Ref RC 261 A213 (1962 - current)
Cancer Facts & Figures for African Americans
    Also available at Ref RC 282 B55 C35 (1998-current)
Cancer Facts & Figures for Hispanics/Latinos
    Also available at Ref RC 282 H57 C35 (2000-01; 2003-05)
Cancer Facts & Figures for Minority Americans  Ref RC 282 M5 C25 1991
Cancer in California 2008
    Also available at Calif. Docs CA H914 C36 (1988-1999)
Cancer Incidence and Mortality by Race/Ethnicity in California
    Ref RC 277 C3 A25 (1988-1990)
Cancer Incidence and Mortality, California, 1987-1991  Ref RC 277 C2 C367
Cancer Incidence and Mortality in California: Trends by Race/Ethnicity, 1988-2001
Cancer Prevention & Early Detection Facts & Figures 2009
    Also available at Ref RC 261 A1 C196 (2002-current)
Childhood Cancer in California, 1988-1999, Volume I: Birth to Age 14
    Also available at Calif. Docs. CA H989. C45x
Childhood Cancer in California, 1988-1999, Volume II: Adolescents Ages 15-19
    Also available at Calif. Docs. CA H989 C45x
Colorectal Cancer Facts & Figures 2008-2010
Colorectal Cancer in California, 2001
    Also available at Calif. Docs. CA H989.C65
NCI Annual Fact Book
    Also available at Ref RC 267 N3 (1978-79; 1993-2001)
NCI Cancer Statistics
NCI State Cancer Profiles (State by state and site reports)
North American Association of Central Cancer Registries (NAACCR)
Ovarian Cancer in California, 2001  Calif. Docs. CA H918 O82
Prostate Cancer in California: Special Report
also available in Calif. Docs. CA H989 P86
SEER Cancer Statistics Review 1975-2006
United States Cancer Statistics
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America's Children
California Child Care Portfolio
    Older issues available at Ref HQ778.65 C2 C3 (1997, 1999)
CDC Child Health Statistics
Child and Adolescent Health and Development Statistics (WHO)
Health Insurance Status of Children in America, 1996-2007
Kids Count Data Book
    Also available at Ref HQ 792.U5 K53 (1991-94; 97-current)
Kids Count Data Center
Summary of Health Statistics for US Children 2007
Trends in Children's Antibiotic Use: 1996-2001
UNICEF- Statistics
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ETHNIC GROUPS  (see also entries under Cancer or Carcinomas)

Eliminating Racial and Ethnic Health Disparities
Health of American Indian or Alaska Native Population CDC, NCHS
Health of Black or African American Population CDC, NCHS
Health of Hispanic/Latino Population CDC, NCHS
Health of Mexican American Population CDC, NCHS
The Health Status of African Americans in California  Ref RA 48.5 N4 H43 1997
The Health Status of American Indians in California  Ref RA 448.5 I5 S33 1997
The Health Status of Asian & Pacific Islander Americans in California
    Ref RA 448.5 A83 H43 1997
Health of Asian or Pacific Islander Populations CDC, NCSH
Health of White Population CDC,NCSH
The Health Status of Whites in California  Ref RA 448.5 W49 H35 1997
A Portrait of Race and Ethnicity in California  Ref F 870 A1 P67 2001
Racial & Ethnic Differences in Health, 1996  Ref RA 448.4 R33 1999
Statistical Handbook on Racial Groups in the United States  Ref E 184 A1 H417 2000
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American Heart Association - Statistics
Heart Disease and Stroke Statistical, Update
    Also available at Ref RC 681 A1 H46 yr
Heart Disease and Stroke in California: Prevention Program
Heart Disease Deaths in California 2004
Heart Facts Ref RC 681 A44 1979, 1981-89
NHLBI Factbook Disease Statistics
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California Department of Public Health (CDPH)
Cases of HIV infection and AIDS in the United States and Dependent Areas, 2007
Center for Disease Control-Statistics
CDC: Tuberculosis
FoodNet, Foodborne Diseases Active Surveillance Network (CDC)
National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NAID) Health Topics A-Z
Reported Tuberculosis in the United States
Tuberculosis Statistics
Warts Information Center
Weekly Epidemiological Record (WHO)
    Also available at Ref RA 651 A483 1981-current WHO Report 2009 Global Tuberculosis Control Surveillance, Planning, Financing
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Across the States 2009: Profiles of Long-Term Care and Independent Living
    Ref RA 644.6 A25 (4th 2000 - 5th 2002)
Chronic Care in America: A 21st Century Challenge Ref RA 644.5 C475 1996
Chronic Disease in Minority Populations: African American, American Indians & Alaska
    Natives, Asians and Pacific Islanders, Hispanic Americans

    Ref RA 563 M56 C57 1994
Guide to California Medicare HMOs: All Medicare HMOs are Not Alike
    Ref RA 413.5 C2 G74 2001
Long Term Care County Data Book: A Vital Planning Resource for California
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California Medical Assistance Commission. Annual Report
    Also available at Ref RA 412.5 U5 C3 (1991-current)
Guide to California Medicare HMOs Ref RA 413.5 C2 G74 2003
Health Insurance Sourcebook: Basic Information about Managed Care Organizations,
    Traditional Fee-for-Service Insurance, Insurance Portability and Pre-Existing Conditions
    Clauses, Medicare, Medicaid…
 Ref HG 9396 H4236 1997
Source Book of Health Insurance Data  Ref HG 9396 S6 1977-1996
State-Level Databook on Health Care Access & Financing, 3rd ed  Ref RA 410.53 L67 1998
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California Statistical Abstract
    Also available at Ref HA 261 C3. (1961-current)
Center for Health Statistics (CA Dept. of Health)
County Health Status Profiles [California]
    Also available at Ref RA 407.4 C2 C678 1993-current
Health Data Summaries for California Counties
    Also available at Ref RA 410.54 C3 O7 1980-current
Health of California's Public: A Chartbook  Ref RA 447 C2 H427 1996
Health System Change in the Greater Sacramento Area  Ref RA 395 A3 C28 1997
Hospital Collaboration Community Health Needs Assessment: Sacramento County,
    Placer County, Yolo County, El Dorado County
 Ref RA 425 N55 1995
Leading Health Indicators for California, 1997  Ref RA407.4 C2 O74 1999
Managed Health Care in the Sacramento Region: A Community Profile  Ref RA 425 M35 1995
A Profile of the People and Their Health-Sacramento County Health Profiles, 1979
    Ref HA 267 S12 S2
    Includes: Arden-Arcade, Carmichael, Citrus Heights, Downtown, Elk Grove,
    Folsom, Galt, Laguna Meadows, Landpark-Pocket-Meadowview, North Central,
    North Natomas, North Sacramento, Orangevale, Rio-Linda-Elverta, Rural
    Sacramento, Sacramento County, South Natomas, Vineyard
Profile of Women's Health Status in California, 1984-1994  Ref RA 564.85 N45 1997
Profiles of Sacramento County  Ref HA 267 S12 S2 v. 1-2 1986
Vital Statistics of California
    Also available at Ref HA 261 V57 (1963-current)
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Access to Health Risk Behavior in the United States: A State-by-State Look at
    Teens and Adults
 Ref RA 776.9 A33 2004
Best of Health: Demographics of Health Care Consumers  Ref RA 445 W45 2000
Bests' Insurance Reports: Life Health United States  Ref HG 8943 B32 1958-current
CQ's State Fact Finder: Rankings Across America  Ref HA 214 V36 (1993, 96-97;99; 2004)
Health & Environment in America's Top-Rated Cities: A Statistical Profile,
    2nd ed 1996-1997
 Ref RA 556.3 H4 1996-97
Health & Health Care 2010: The Forecast, The Challenge  Ref RA 445 H3364 2000
Health and Wellness: Illness Among Americans Ref RA 733 N43 2002
Health Care State Rankings: Health Care in the 50 United States
    ref RA 407.3 H42. (1993; 96-current)
Health, United States  Ref RA 407.3 U57a 1979-current
Measuring County Performance on Health: Selected Indicators for 115 Countries
    Ref RA 407.5 D44 M43 1999
Monthly Vital Statistics Report  Ref RA 409 U45 (1967-1984)
    continued by National Vital Statistics Report-see below
Morbidity and Mortality Weekly Report (MMWR) Center for Disease Control
    Also available at Ref RA 407.3 A37
National Center for Health Statistics
National Vital Statistics Reports
Reforming the Health Care System: State Profiles
    Title changed to State Profiles: Reforming the Health Care System
    also available at ref RA 407.3 R43 (1993-2005)
School Health in America: Assessment of State Policies to Protect & Improve
    the Health of Students
 Ref LB 3408 U5 S36 1999
State Health Facts
State Profiles: Reforming the Health Care System
    Previously titled Reforming the Health Care System: State Profiles
Statistical Abstract of the United States
    Also available at Ref HA 202 (1878-83, 85-1902, 1910-13, 18, 1922-26, 1928- current)
Statistical Record of Health & Medicine (1998, 2000)  Ref RA 407.3 S73 2000
Statistical Resources on the Web: Health (Univ. of Michigan Documents Center)
Trust for America's Health
Vital Statistics of California
    Also available at Ref HA 261 V57 (1963-current)
Vital Statistics of the United States
    Also available at Gov Docs HE 20.6210 (1939-2002)
Vital Statistics of the United States: Birth, Life Expectancy, Deaths and Selected
    Health Data, 1st ed
 Ref HB 3505 V58 2004
WorldLife Expectancy Live Longer Live Better
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California Department of Public Health (CDPH)
California HIV Testing and Counseling Quarterly Report  Ref RA 644S25 T48 (1990-95)
Morbidity & Mortality Report (MMWR) June 1, 2001, vol. 50, no. 21 [on AIDS statistics]
Report on the Global HIV/AIDS Epidemic, 2008
STD Surveillance and Statistics (CDC)
   Available at Gov. Doc: HE 20.7309/2 (1989-2003)
UNAIDS AIDS Epidemic Update 2007
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Alcohol and Tobacco: America's Drugs of Choice  Ref HV 5285 A353 2003
California Tobacco Control Program
Drug Use Among Racial/Ethnic Minorities (NIDA)
Global Illicit Drug Trends 2003
Global Illicit Drug Trends  Ref HV 5801 G65 (1999, 2002)
    Now titled World Drug Report
Illegal Drugs: America's Anguish  Ref HV 5825 I494 (1999, 2001, 2003)
International Smoking Statistics: A Collection of Historical Data from 30 Economically
    Developed Countries, 2nd ed  Ref HV 5732 I58 2002
The Local Burden of Tobacco: Deaths from Smoking in California's Cities
    Ref HV 5767 C2 1994
National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism
National Institute on Drug Abuse/Statistics
Statistics on Alcohol, Drug and Tobacco Use  Ref HV 5292 S73 1996
Substance Abuse & Mental Health Statistics/Office of Applied Studies
Tobacco Atlas (WHO)
Updating Estimates of the Economic Costs of Alcohol Abuse in the US
World Drug Report -annual (UN)
    Previously titled Global Illicit Drug Trends
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Demographic Yearbook Annuairie Demographique  Ref HB 881 D4 (1948-current)
Global Health Statistics  Ref RA 407 M87 1996
Health in the Americas (PAHO)  Ref RA 10 P252. (1965-68,90,94,98-current)
Health Statistics from the Americas (PAHO) Ref RA 10 P2523 (1991-92,98-current)
Statistics - National Agencies and Compendia
Weekly Epidemiological Record/Health Section of the Secretariat of the United Nations
    Also available at Ref RA 651 A483 (1967-current)
WHO Report: Global Tuberculosis Control-Surveillance, Planning, Financing
    Also available at Ref RA 644 T7 G56 2004
WHO Statistical Information System (WHOSIS)
    Statistics by country, region, topic, burden of disease activities, etc.
World Fertility Patterns, 2007
    Also available at Ref HB 910 W67 2003
World Health Organization (WHO)
The World Health Report: Report of the Director General
    Also available at RA 8 A23 (1995-current)
World Health Statistics Annual Ref RA 651 W652 (1962-1996)
World Health Statistics Report(WHO)
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California's Nursing Labor Force: Demand, Supply, & Shortages (2008)
Reginal Data Appendix to California's Nursing Labor Force...'s_Nursing_Labor_Force_Demand_Supply_and_Shortages_Appendix.pdf
Center for Health Professionals - Publications
Center for Immigration Studies. Doctors and Nurses A Demographic Profile, 1998
Nursing Data Review  Ref RT 79 N87 (1978-1997)
Update on California's Nursing Workforce (2009)
Regional Forecasts of the Registered Nurse Workforce in California 2006
    Also available at ref RT 86.74 C2 S74 2006
Survey of Registered Nurses in California 2006
    Also available at RT 86.74 C2 S9 (1990,93,97,2004)
Tracking the Supply of Health Professionals Education in California (2007)
    also available at Ref R746 C2 B27 2007
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Last updated 8/09