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Library of Congress (LC) catalog numbers provide browsing areas for books.
Insurance, Medical Plans
Aged, Gerontology (social aspects)
Biology (aging)
Cells (aging)
Physiology (aging)
Public Health
Nursing Homes
RC 451.4
RC 952-953
RC 954
RC 954.3
RD 732.3
RE 48.2
RF 291.5
Psychiatry (aged)
Geriatric Nursing
Hospitals, Geriatric
Orthopedic Surgery (aged)
Eye Diseases (aged)
Hearing Disorders (aged)
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AARP: Long Term Care Trends
Across the States 2009: Profiles of Long-Term Care (AARP)
Alliance for Aging Research
American Association for Geriatric Psychiatry
American Dietetic Association
American Geriatrics Society
American Society on Aging
Arthritis Foundation Distribution Center
GeroNet (Health & Aging Resources for Higher Education, UCLA
Gerontological Society of America
Long Term Care County Data Book: A Vital Planning Resource for California
National Institutes of Health
National Institute on Aging
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Assisted Senior Living
The Caring Space
California Advocates for Nursing Home Reform
California Assisted Living Directory Facilities Information & Senior Care
California HealthCare Foundation's Nursing Home Guide
California Nursing Homes: Care Problems Persist Despite Federal & State
    Oversight. U.S. GAO, July 27, 1998
 GA1.13:HEHS-98-202 (Gov. Docs. fiche) Care Resources and Articles
Community Services Directory  ref HV 99 S12 S3 2007
Community Services Planning Council
Complete Guide to Health Services for Seniors: What your Family Needs to Know
    About Finding & Financing Medicare, Assisted Living, Nursing Homes, Home
    Care, Adult Day Care. With Ratings of Medicare, HMO'S & Supplemental Policies

    ref RA 644.6 C665 2000
Consumer Guide to Long-Term Care  ref RA997 I46 1999
Directory of Retirement Facilities 1999  ref HV1454.2 U6 N38 1999
Federal Comparisons & Deficiency Citations of Nursing Homes by Name/City/Region
Foundation Aiding the Elderly
InfoLine-Community Services Planning Council, Sacramento
Long-term Care: How to Plan and Pay for It  ref RA 644.5 M38 2004
The Network of Care [Sacramento County]
A Place for Mom: The Nation's Largest Free Referral Service
Sacramento County Dept. Health & Human Services/Senior Services
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Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality, US Dept. of Health & Human Services
American Cancer Society
American Heart Association
Annual Review of Gerontology & Geriatrics
    RC952 A1 A56. v.1-5,8-current; 1980-85, 88-current
Decision Making in Gerontologic Nursing  ref RC954 L64 1993
Encyclopedia of Elder Care The Comprehensive Resource on Geriatric & Social Care.
    ref RC954 E53 2001
Encyclopedia of Gerontology: Age, Aging, and the Aged  ref RC952.5 E58 1996 v.1-2.
Encyclopedia of Health & Aging ref RA 777.6 E534 2007
Encyclopedia of Home Care for the Elderly  ref HV 1461 E5 1995
Essential Medication Guidebook to Healthy Aging: An Easy-to-Use Reference to
     Medications taken for Common Conditions
 ref. RC953.7 E87 2002
FDA's Drug Safety
Geriatrics at Your Fingertips  ref RC 952.55 G47 2003
Geriatrics, American Physical Therapy Association
Geriatrics: Better Medicine for Midlife and Beyond
Handbook of Death and Dying  ref HQ 1073 H36 2003 v. 1-2
     vol. 1 The Presence of Death, vol. 2 The Response to Death
Los Angeles, New York, Washington, D.C., Atlanta, GERONTOLOGY RESEARCH GROUP
Merck Manual of Geriatrics, 3rd ed
    also available at ref RC 952.55 M555 2000
National Osteoporosis Foundation
Osteoporosis Sourcebook  ref RC930 O73 O777 2001
Physical and Mental Issues in Aging Sourcebook  ref RC952.5 P48 1999
Principles and Practice of Geriatric Medicine, 3rd ed.  ref RC952 P73 1998 v. 1-2.
RxList: The Internet Drug Index
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AARP (American Association for Retired People)
AARP's Internet Resources on Aging
Aging in America A to Z  ref HQ1064 U5 B379 2001
Alzheimer's Disease Education & Referral Center
American Women: Who They Are & How They Live  ref HQ1421 A486 1997
American Generations: Who They Are and How They Live, 5th ed   ref HC110C6 M545 2005
Americans 55 and Older: A Changing Market, 3rd ed  ref HD1064 U5 Y67 2001
California Department of Aging
California HealthCare Foundation & UCSF
California Partnership for Long-Term Care
Center for Social Gerontology
Drug Information Portal
Eldercare Locator
Encyclopedia of Ageism  ref HQ1061 E63 2004
Encyclopedia of Aging  ref HQ1061 E534 2002 v. 1-4
The Encyclopedia of Aging 3rd ed  ref HQ1061 E53 2001 v.1-2
Encyclopedia of Death and Dying  ref HQ1073 E543 2001
The Graying of America: An Encyclopedia of Aging, Health, Mind, and Behavior
    ref HQ1064 U5 K39 1996
Growing Old In America: Information Plus  ref HQ1064 U5 G76 1998
MedlinePlus Go Local
McMillan Encyclopedia of Death and Dying  ref HQ 1073 M33 2003 v.1-2
The Network of Care [Sacramento County]
Older Americans A Changing Market, 4th ed  ref HQ1064 U5 O43 2004
Older Americans Information Directory, 6th ed  ref HV1457 O42 2007
Older Women's League (OWL)
Third Age Media
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Adult Foster Care for the Elderly: A Review of State Regulations and Funding
 ref HV1451 A38 1996 v. 1-2
Agency for HealthCare Research & Quality
Aging (Federal Interagency Forum on Aging Related Statistics)
American Association of Homes & Services for the Aging
California Advocates for Nursing Home Reform
Community Services Planning Council, Sacramento
Encyclopedia of Financial Gerontology  ref HQ1061 E54 1996
Encyclopedia of Retirement and Finances  ref HQ1064 U5 E524 2003 v.1-2
Health Statistics
Health, United States, 1999: Health and Aging Chartbook  ref RA 407.3 U572 1999
Hospice and Palliative Care Handbook: Quality, Compliance, and Reimbursement
    ref RA1000 M37 1999
Long-term Care How to Plan and Pay for It  ref RA 644.5 M38 2004
National Center for Health Statistics
National Guide to Funding in Aging, 6th ed  ref HV1461 W42 2000
Nursing Home Compare/Medicare
Nursing Home Statistical Yearbook, 1997  ref RA997 A1 N89 1997
Osteoporosis Sourcebook, 1st ed.  ref RC931 O73 O777 2001Profile of Hospital Patients: California Hospital Discharge Data
    ref RA981 C3 P76 1994. v.1-3
Prostate & Urological Disorders Sourcebook  ref RC871 P76 2006
Standards for Long Term Care: Including the Intent Statements for Dementia
    Special Care Units and Subacute Programs
ref RA997 J65 1998
Statistical Record of Older Americans  ref HQ1064 U5 S685 1994
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Last updated 6/09