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SACRAMENTO: Sources for Government,
Statistics, and Local Information

Statistics, Population, Census, etc.
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EUREKA is a catalog of items owned by the CSUS Library. Books can be searched for in EUREKA by title, author, keyword and Library of Congress Subject Headings.

Keyword Searching: One way to locate books in EUREKA is with an Advanced Keyword search.
For example:

                sacramento and crime
                sacramento and population
                 sacramento and planning
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California Local Government Finance Almanac
City of Sacramento
Community Services Directory, Sacramento, California   Ref HV 99 S12 S3 (annual)
County of Sacramento
Haines...Sacramento City and Suburban Criss-Cross Directory   Ref F 869 S12 H3 (annual)
Inside Guide to Sacramento: The Hidden Gold of California's Capital
   Ref F 869 S12 F59 2002
League of Women Voters
Sacramento & Central Valley: Includes San Joaquin, Stanislaus and Merced Counties
   Ref F 868 S12 M33 2003
   Includes information on education, city profiles, housing, crime, recreation and more
Sacramento Metropolitan Air Quality Management District
Sacramento Bee   (see also databases)
Sacramento Chamber of Commerce
Sacramento Convention Center & Visitor's Bureau
Sacramento Public Library
Sacramento Regional Transit District
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City of Sacramento
City of Sacramento Budget
County of Sacramento
County of Sacr/Zoning Code
Sacramento Area Council of Governments
Sacramento City Unified School District
Sacramento County Office of Education
Sacramento Local Agency Formation Commission

Many documents published by local agencies are located in the Government Documents collection on 2 North. The following call numbers will serve as a guide to the local documents collections:

    Sacramento City - Gov Docs CA-L S32
    Sacramento County - Gov Docs CA-L S325
    Sacramento Region - Gov Docs CA-L S326
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California Local Government Finance Almanac
California Statistical Abstract
Counting California
County Business Patterns
MPA. Market profile analysis. Sacramento, CA SMSA   Ref HC 108 S12 M55 (annual)
Regional Directory of Local Government Agencies   Cal Docs CA-L S326 R44 (2002)
Sacramento Area Council of Governments/ Demographics
U.S. Census Bureau
U.S. Census - 2000
1990 Census of Population and Housing. Population and Housing Characteristics for Census
     Tracts and Block Numbering Areas. Sacramento, CA MSA

     Gov Docs C 3.223/11:1990 CPH-3-283 Sections 1-2
1990 Census of Housing. General Housing Characteristics. California.
    Gov Docs C 3.224/3:990 CH-1-6 Sections 1-2
1990 Census of Housing. Detailed Housing Characteristics. California.
    Gov Docs C 3.224/3:990 CH-2-6 Sections 1-4
1990 Census of Population. General Population Characteristics. California.
    Gov Docs C 3.332/6:990 CP-1-6 Sections 1-3
1990 Census of Population. Social and Economic Characteristics. California.
    Gov Docs C 3.223/7:990 CP-2-6 Sections 1-4
1992 Census of Retail Trade. Geographic Area Series. California.
    Gov Docs C 3.255/2:RC 92-A-5
1992 Census of Wholesale Trade. Geographic Area Series. California.
    Gov Docs C 3.256/2:WC 92-A-5
1992 Census of Manufacturers. Geographic Area Series. California.
    Gov Docs C 3.24/3-5:MC 92-A-5
1992 Census of Service Industries. Geographic Area Series. California.
    Gov Docs C 3.257/2:SC 92-A-5

For more detailed information on census information see Guide to the Census

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Databases and indexes are available to all on the Library computers. Unless noted otherwise; off-campus access is restricted to CSUS students, faculty, & staff. Instructions for off-campus access are available at Off-Campus Access to Library E-Resources

  • RAND California    Locate statistics and data on California
  • Proquest Newsstand    Full-text of the Sacramento Bee Newspaper
  • STAT-USA    From the U.S. Department of Commerce,
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    Businesss: Sacramento Area Market Research
    Business: Salaries, Wages, Labor Sources/California
    History: California, Sacramento & Local History
    Economics: Selected Resources/California and Sacramento
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    A Sacramento State Library Research Guide compiled by Debbie Rogenmoser, Reference Librarian;
    Last updated 6/09