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Contents: Sample Units and Strategies
Locating Resources by Subject or Theme
       Fiction/Picture Books
       Nonfiction/Informational Books
       Folk/Fairy Tales/Fantasy
ERIC Database
Web Resources
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  • Art Works!: an Interdisciplinary Learning Powered by the Arts
    LB 1628.5 A78 1999
  • Beyond the Boundaries: a Transdisciplinary Approach to Learning and Teaching
    LB 1607.5 B49 2003
  • Blurring the Edges: Integrated Curriculum through Writing and Children's Literature
    LB 1576 46 1999
  • Building a History-Centered Curriculum for Kindergarten Through Grade Four: Guidelines for Using Themes and Selecting Content   LB 1530 N28 2002
  • Chase's Annual Events   Ref D 11.5 C48
  • The Complete Guide to Thematic Units: Creating the Integrated Curriculum
    LB 1029 U6 M4 2000
  • Concept-Based Curriculum and Instruction: Teaching Beyond the Facts
    LB 2806.15 E75 2002
  • Daily Planning for Today's Classroom: A Guide for Writing Lesson and Activity Plans LB 1027.4 O73 1999
  • Developing Thematic Units: Process and Product   LB 1575 A55 1995
  • Experiences with Literature: a Thematic Whole Language Model for the K-3 Bilingual Classroom LC 3725 N48 1990
  • Green Dinosaur Day: a Guide for Developing Thematic Units in Literature-Bases Instruction, K-6 LB 1570 R55 1995
  • A Guide for Developing Interdisciplinary Thematic Units   LB 1570 R55 2008
  • Interdisciplinary Art Education: Building Bridges to Connect Disciplines and Cultures
    N 105 I57 2005
  • The Learning Activity center: Materials and Use for the Elementary
    Curric Guides General 6210
  • The Literature Connection: Using Children's Books in the Classroom
    LB 1575.5 U5 R68 1991
  • Minds in Motion: a Kinesthetic Approach to Teaching Elementary Curriculum
    LB 1592 G75 1998
  • Nonfiction Matters: Reading, Writing, & Research in Grades 3-8
    LB 1575.5 U5 H37 1998
  • On This Day   Ref Juv 371.3 H1456o
  • Ready to Use Thematic Activities for Grades 4-8   LB 1576 B285 1994
  • Summer Counts!: Thematic reading, Language Arts, and Math Skills
    Curric Texts 372.4 Op76su 2003 (Grade K-8)
  • Storybook Classrooms; Using Children's Literature in the Learning Center
    LB 1527 W46
  • Teaching Idea Development: a Standards-Based Critical-Thinking Approach to Writing
    LB 1590.3 .H39 2002
  • Thematic Units: an Integrated Approach to Teaching Science and Social Studies
    LB 1585.3 F75 1993
  • Theme Play: Exciting Young Imaginations   LB 1139.35 P55 Z56 2006
  • This Way to Books Ref Juv 028.5 B3447t
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Finding Fiction/Picture Books by Subject or Theme
  • A to Zoo: Subject Access to Children’s Picture Books Ref Juv 028.5 L7322a 1998
  • The Book Finder: A Guide to Children’s Literature About the Needs and
    Problems of Youth Ages 2-15
    Ref Juv 028.5 D778b
  • Celebrating with Books Ref Juv 394.2 P7654c
  • Children’s Literature in the Elementary SchoolRef Juv 372.64 H865c 1997
  • Creative Uses of Children’s Literature Ref Juv 027.5 G4782p
  • Picture Books to Enhance the Curriculum Ref Juv 371.3 H2873p
  • Primaryplots: A Book Talk Guide for Use with Readers Ages 4-8
    Ref Juv 028.5 G4782p
  • A Reference Guide to Historical Fiction for Children and Young Adults
    Ref Juv 016.80 A2216r
  • Teen Genreflecting: a Guide to Reading Interests
    Ref Juv 016 H5313t
  • The Whole Story: Historical Fiction and Kids: Annotated Bibliography
    Ref Juv 016.80 W6288
Finding Nonfiction /Informational Books
  • Index to Collective Biographies for Young Readers Ref Juv 028.5 S5874i 1988
  • Guide to Collective Biographies for cCildren and Young Adults
    Ref Juv 016.92 B2252g
  • The Holocaust in Literature for Youth: a Guide and Resource Book Ref Juv 016.94 S9498h
  • Reference Books for Young Readers Ref Juv 028.5 R3322
Finding Poetry by Subject or Theme
  • Index to Poetry for Children and Young People
    Ref Juv 016 b62881
  • Index to Poetry for Children and Young People
    Ref Juv 821 B8481i
  • Subject Index to Poetry for Children Ref Juv 808.8 A512 1977
Finding Folk Tales, Fairy Tales, Fantasy
  • Fantasy Literature for Children and Young Adults  Ref Juv 028.5 L989fe 2005
  • Index to Fairy Tales Including Folklore, Legends,and Myths, in Collections
    Ref Juv 016.39 I38
  • Story Arts/Folktale Themes
Finding Songs
  • The Children’s Song Index, 1978-1993 Ref Juv 016.78 C536
  • Index to Children’s Songs: A Title, First Line, and Subject Index
    Ref Juv 784 Z99c 1979
Finding Plays
  • Chicorel Theater Index to Plays for Young People Ref PNZ 7584 C5 C55
  • Index to Children’s Plays in Collections Ref PNZ 5784 C5 K7 1977
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  • Math Across the Curriculum Electronic Bookshelf
  • Mixing It Up: Integrated, Interdisciplinary, Intriguing Science in the Elementary Classroom  LB 1585.3 M59 2003
  • More Picture-Perfect Science Lessons: Using Children's Books to Guide Inquiry, K-4  Curric Guides Science 4101
  • Science Adventures with Children's Literature: a Thematic Approach  LB 1585.3 F72 1998
  • Science Experiments Index for Young People Ref Juv 507 P6383s
  • To Build a House: GEMS and the "Thematic Approach" to Teaching Science
    LB 1585 B28 1991
  • The Wonderful World of Mathematics: a Critically Annotated List of Children's Books in Mathematics
    Ref Juv 016.51 W8728 1998
  • 40 Strategies for Integrating Science and Mathematics Instruction: K-8   Curric Guides Science 0265
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Databases are available to all on the Research Stations in the Library. Off-campus access is restricted to CSUS students, faculty, & staff. Instructions for off-campus access are available at Connecting to Library Databases from Off-Campus.
  • ERIC  (1966-current)
    From the U.S. Department of Education; covers 900+ education journals and thousands of unpublished documents such as papers, reports, curriculum guides theses and
    dissertations. Some full text available for documents
  • ERIC
    Free to the public. More than 300,000 full text non-journal documents (issued 1993-2004), will be available for free.
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There are many web sites that offer educators opportunities to use an interdisciplinary approach to teaching. Begin with the CSUS list of Lesson Plans at: Other favorite sites are:
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A Sacramento State Library Research Guide compiled by Debbie Rogenmoser, Reference Librarian;
and Roz Van Auker,Education Reference Librarian; dr/rva Last updated /09