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EDUCATION: Materials of Interest to Secondary
Social Studies Teachers

Periodicals of Special Interest

Periodicals are shelved alphabetically by title on Floor 3 South. Periodicals that are available online or are available fulltext in a database are indicated. Search the ERIC (EBSCO) or Education Full Text (Wilson) database for education-related articles in these and other periodicals:

History Teacher
International Journal of Social Education available in Education Full Text (Wilson)
Magazine of History  available in Academic Search Premier (Ebsco)
Social Education
Social Studies
Teaching History available in Academic Search Premier (Ebsco)
Teaching Tolerance
World History Connected

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Professional Associations
California Council for the Social Studies
Center for Civic Education
National Center for History in the Schools
National Council for Geographic Education
National Council for the Social Studies
National Council on Economic Education
World History Association
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Professional Standards and California State Frameworks
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Personal Favorites
  • Ancient World History Activity Sampler Curric Texts 372.897 T22an 1999 Gr. 5-8
    This set of lessons is from Teachers' Curriculum Institute, known for their engaging group activities.
  • Bring History Alive!: a Sourcebook for Teaching United States History
    E 175.8 B74 1996
  • California CLASS Project: Classroom Learning Activities for Science and Social Science Curric Guides General 0165
    This activity-based interdisciplinary curriculum for middle school has an environmental orientation. Lesson plans include transparency masters and student handouts.
  • History Alive!: Engaging all Learners in the Diverse Classroom E 175.8 B67 1999
  • 100 Experiential Learning Activities for Social Studies, Literature, and the Arts, grades 5-12
    LB 1027.23 P76 2008
  • Ordinary Americans : U.S. History Through The Eyes Of Everyday People
    Curric Texts 372.831 .C615or 1994
  • Readers Theatre for American History PN 2081 R4 F744 2001
  • Ready-to-Use American History Activities for Grades 5-12: Lessons and Skillsheets
    from Pre-Columbus to the Space Age
    . LB 1582 U6 S55 1995
  • Ready-to-Use World Geography Activities for Grades 5-12 G 73 S45 1992
    This book emphasizes current geography; only a few historical maps are included. Good coverage of map reading skills. Includes reproducible worksheets, maps, and lesson plans.
  • Resources for Teachers on the Bill of Rights Curric Guides Social Science 9503
    Activities focus on aspects of the Bill of Rights which are particularly meaningful to students. Handouts are included.
  • 200 Years of American Heritage in Song (CD) Curric Nonprint 780 C45ye 1991 Gr.4-12
  • Uncovering our History: Teaching with Primary Sources E 175.8 V43 2004
  • United States and New York State History: A Multicultural Perspective (Grades 7-8).
    Curric Guides Social Science 0140
    This detailed 3-volume curriculum guide is filled with lesson plans and worksheets emphasizing primary sources. Covers the human experience in the U.S. from earliest times to the present, including some coverage of Mexico and Canada.
  • World History for US ALL
  • Writing across the Social Studies Curriculum LB 1631 S464 1989
    Brief lesson plans help teachers incorporate writing into social studies classes.
Additional lesson plans and teaching strategies can be found by browsing in the curriculum guides on Floor 2 South and in the social studies "method books" under call number LB 1582-1584 on Floor 3 North and H 62 on Floor 2 South.

Use EUREKA ( to locate additional curriculum materials, use ADVANCED SEARCH and limit to LOCATIONS "Curriculum Guides" or "Curriculum Nonprint" or "Curriculum Texts."
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Background Information

Chase's Chase's ... Calendar of Events   ref D 11.5 C48 yr.
Educator's Guide to Free Social Studies Materials  ref LBZ 5817.2 E48 (latest 3 yrs)
Historical Maps on File  ref G M37 2006
History Fair Workbook  LB 1581 K688 2002
Hyperhistory Online
Maps on File  ref G 3200 M36
Time Lines on File   ref CB 69.2 T56 1988
Timetables of History  ref D 11 G78 1991
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Primary Resources

  • American Memory from the Library of Congress
  • Calispher-A World of Primary Sources and More
    This site includes primary sources arranged in themes that support California Content Standards, primary sources for learning about California cultures, lesson plans, etc.
  • HISTORY: California, Sacramento and Local History Sources
    This CSUS Library research guide features many primary sources on state and local history.
  • Online Archive of California
  • New York Times and Sacramento Bee from the 1800s on microfilm (LMC)
  • Document Based Activities: This set of 27 curriculum guides contains lessons based upon primary sources. To locate, search the title Document Based Activities in EUREKA
  • National Archives sets include document reproductions and a teacher's guide. Below is a partial list of what the Library owns. Many are also available at The Digital Classroom (
          The Civil War 372.897 N19ci 1979 Gr.10-12
          The Constitution 372.832 N21co 1985 Gr.7-12
          The Great Depression 372.897 N19gr 1979 Gr.4-12
          The Progressive Years, 1898-1917 372.897 So2pr 1988 Gr.7-12
          World War I: The Home Front 372.897 So2wo2 1988 Gr.7-12
          World War II: The Home Front 372.897 So2wo 1988 Gr. 7-12
  • Jackdaw Kits are briefer collections of primary sources: each includes about a dozen document reproductions and a guide. Some of the most interesting are listed below. Locate others with a keyword search on jackdaw in EUREKA
          Black Voting Rights: The Fight for Equality 372.831 G56ba 1992
          California Gold Rush 1849 372.897 V69ca 1972
          Children in the Middle East 372.831 J12ch 1977
          The Conquest of Mexico 372.831 J12co 1968
          Indians of North America 372.831 J12in 1996
          Japanese American Internment: The Bill of Rights in Crisis 372.831 J12ja 1994
          Salem Village and the Witch Hysteria 372.897 G92sa 1975
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Using Literature in Social Studies Teaching
  • California: to Statehood and Beyond
    also at ref juv 979.4 C1531
  • Children's Literature and Social Studies: Selecting and Using Notable
    Books in the Classroom
    LB 1584 C5 1993
    Lists suggested books for grades K-8 social studies and includes detailed examples of classroom instruction incorporating recommended books.
  • Learning About the Civil War: Literature and other Resources for Young People
    LB 1584 S74 1998
  • Literature for History-Social Science: Kindergarten through Grade Eight
    LB 1530 L4 1993
    Arranged by grade level, this book lists recommended fiction and non-fiction to support the social studies curriculum. Book summaries are included.
  • Recommended Literature: Kindergarten Through Grade Twelve
    California Dept. of Education.
  • The Story of Ourselves: Teaching History through Children's Literature
    LB 1581 S76 1993
    In addition to great essays by notable children's trade book authors, this book has a section on "practical applications" which describes classroom strategies for incorporating trade books into the history curriculum.
  • Tales of Time: History-Social Studies Literature/Grades 6-8
  • Teaching and Using Document-Based Questions for Middle School Social Science 4546
  • Teaching Women's History Through Literature: Standards-Based Lesson Plans for Grades K-12
    HQ 1120 U5 C45 2008
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Internet Starting Places

A Sacramento State Library Research Guide compiled by Roz Van Auker, Education Reference Librarian; Roz Van
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