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EDUCATION: Materials of Interest to Secondary
Science Teachers

  • Sources for Experiments/Demonstrations
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  • Periodicals of Special Interest

    Periodicals are shelved alphabetically by title on Floor 3 South. Periodicals that are available online or are available fulltext in a database are indicated. Search the ERIC (EBSCO) or Education Full Text (Wilson) database for education-related articles in these and other periodicals:

    American Biology Teacher
    Journal of Chemical Education
    Journal of Geoscience Education
    Journal of Science Teacher Education
    Physics Teacher
    School Science and Mathematics also available in Education Full Text (Wilson)
    Science Activities Academic Search Premier (EBSCO)
    Science Scope  also available in Education Full Text (Wilson)
    Science Education
    Science Teacher   also available in Education Full Text (Wilson)

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    Professional Associations
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    Professional Standards and California State Frameworks

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    Personal favorites
    • California CLASS Project: Classroom Learning Activities for Science and Social Science   Curric Guides General 0165
      This activity-based interdisciplinary curriculum for middle school has an environmental orientation. Lesson plans include transparency masters and student handouts
    • Educators Guide to Free Science Materials    ref LBZ5817.2 E47 yr
    • Five Easy Lessons: Strategies for Successful Physics Teaching
      QC30 K55 2004
    • GEMS Guides: Great Explorations in Math and Science
      Curric Guides Science various numbers.
      Produced by the Lawrence Hall of Science at UC Berkeley and contain hands-on science activities for classroom use. Check EUREKA for a complete listing
    • Inquiry and the National Science Education Standards: a Guide for Teaching and Learning   LB1585.3 I57 2000
    • Science Educator's Guide to Laboratory Assessment    Q181 S3735 2002
    • Science Friday Videos from NPR
      Videos on all things science
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    Using Literature in Science Teaching

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    Sources for Experiments/Demonstrations

    • The Exploratorium Science Snackbook: Teacher Created Versions
      of Exploratorium Exhibits
          ref Q182.3 E96 1991
    • Hands-on Chemistry Activities with Real-Life Applications    QD43 H47 1999
    • Hands-On Physics Activities With Real-Life Applications
      Curric Guides Science 0270
    • Math and Science Across Cultures: Activities and Investigations from the
          QA11 B3653 2001
    • More Science Experiments on File: Experiments, Demonstrations and projects for School and Home    ref Q182.3 M67 1991
    • Nanoscale Science: Activities for Grades 6-12    Curric Guides Science 4098
    • Science Experiments Index for Young People     ref juv 507 P6383s 2002
    • Science Experiments on File: Experiments, Demonstrations and Projects
      for School and Home
          ref Q182.3 S33 1989
    • Teaching Physics with the Physics Suite    QC 30 R435 2003
    Additional lesson plans and teaching strategies can be found by browsing in the curriculum guides on Floor 2 South and in the science "method books" under call numbers below on Floor 3 and 4 North.

    Use EUREKA ( to locate additional curriculum materials. Select ADVANCED SEARCH and limit to LOCATIONS "Curriculum Guides" or "Curriculum Nonprint" or "Curriculum Texts."

      Browsing Call Numbers: Q 163-164; Q 181-183;  QC 30;  QD 40-45;  QH 315-316;   LB 1585

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    Background Information

    • The Art of Teaching Science: Inquiry and Innovation in Middle School and High School
      Q181 H156 2009
    • Assessing Student Understanding in Science: a Standards-Based K-12 Handbook
      LB 1585.3 E53 2001
    • Internet Environments for Science Education    LB 1585.7 I58 2004
    • How to Write to Learn Science   Q181 T534 2004
    • NSTA Pathways To The Science Standards : Guidelines For Moving The Vision Into Practice   Q 181 P3384 2004
    • Pathways to the Science Standards: Guidelines for Moving the Vision into Practice
      Middle School Edition
         Q181 P3384 2002
    • Science Educator's Guide to Laboratory Assessment    Q181 S3735 2002
    • Teaching High School Science Through Inquiry : A Case Study Approach
      Q181 L75 2005
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    Internet Starting Places

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    A Sacramento State Library Research Guide compiled by Roz Van Auker, Education Reference Librarian; Roz Van
    rva/dr Last updated 6/09