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EDUCATION: Materials of Interest to Secondary
Physical Education/Health Teachers

Periodicals of Special Interest

Periodicals are shelved alphabetically by title on Floor 3 South of the Library. Periodicals with full text available via a database are indicated. Search the ERIC (EBSCO), SPORTDiscus (EBSCO), Education Full Text (Wilson) databases for education-related abstracts of articles in these and other periodicals:

Adapted Physical Activity Quarterly
American Journal of Health Education
CAHPERD Journal Times
Journal of Physical Education Recreation and Dance (JOPERD)
Journal of School Health
Journal of Teaching in Physical Education
Measurement in Physical Education and Exercise Science
    avail in Academic Search Premier (EBSCO)
Physical Educator
Recreational Sports Journal (Formerly NIRSA Journal)
Scholastic Coach and Athletic Director
    also avail in Academic Search Premier (EBSCO)
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Professional Associations

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Professional Standards and California State Frameworks

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Personal Favorites

  • Beyond Activities: Learning Experiences To Support The National Physical Education Standards
    Curric Guides Physical Ed 9394
  • Complete Physical Education Plans for Grades 7-12    GV362 K54 2001
  • Designing Effective Instructional Tasks for Physical Education and Sports   GV365 G75 2007
  • Educators Guide to Free Health, Physical Education and Recreation Materials
    ref GVZ6121 E38 yr
  • Games Stages and Assessments    GV362 B44 2007
  • It's Not Just Gym Anymore: Teaching Secondary School Students How to be Active
    for Life
       Curric Guides Physical Ed 0213
  • Lesson Plans: Dynamic Physical Education for Secondary School Students
    GV365 P362 2006
  • A Multicultural Approach to Physical Education: Proven Strategies for Middle and High School    GV363 C49 2002
  • 101 Conditioning Games and Drills for Athletes GV711.5 D38 2006
  • Physical Dimensions: The High School Physical Activity and Health/Wellness
        Curric Guides Physical Ed 0067
  • Physical Education Assessment Toolkit    GV436.5 G55 2006
  • Physical Education Technology Playbook   GV364 C37 2008
  • Quality Lesson Plans for Secondary Physical Education    GV363 Z27 2003
  • Teaching Cues for Sport Skills for Secondary School Students   GV361 F66 2008
  • Teaming Up on Technology: Lessons for Health Education & Physical Education Teachers     RA440.3 W43 2006
  • Steps to Success Activity Series. Call numbers vary. Look in EUREKA under series title or by individual sport. Activity instruction books for many sports.
  • A Teacher's Guide to Including Students with Disabilities in General Physical Education
    GV445 B56 2000

Additional lesson plans and teaching strategies can be found by browsing in the curriculum guides on Floor 2 South and in the physical education "method books" under call numbers GV 300-443 on Floor 2 South.

Use EUREKA ( to locate additional curriculum materials, select ADVANCED SEARCH and limit to LOCATIONS "Curriculum Guides" or "Curriculum Nonprint" or "Curriculum Texts."

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Background Information

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Internet Starting Places

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A Sacramento State Library Research Guide compiled by Roz Van Auker, Education Reference Librarian; Roz Van
rva/dr Last updated 6/09