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The University Library at California State University Sacramento is one of 23 Learning Resource Display Centers (LRDCs) in California. As such, the Library receives and displays K-8 textbooks and supplementary instructional materials that have been adopted by the California State Board of Education. Each year, newly adopted materials for a different subject area are received from publishers after the State Board adoption decision.

LRDC materials are part of the K-12 Curriculum Materials Collection housed on Floor 2 South of the University Library. In addition to the state-adopted K-8 LRDC materials, both textbooks and supplementary items for all grade levels and subject areas are purchased and added to the Curriculum Materials Collection.

Public meeting announcements and information about Board of Education and Curriculum Commission meetings, adoption processes and public participation are also made available as part of the LRDC program. Information about the LRDC program is available in the California Education Code Section 60202 and 60510 and in the California Code of Regulations, Title 5, Section 9519.

The LRDC materials are available for viewing during all hours the University Library is open. Most (but not all) items in the Curriculum Materials Collection circulate to holders of current CSUS One Cards. CSUS Library Circulation rules apply.

The Director of the CSUS LRDC (#A3) is Rosalind Van Auker, Education and Social Sciences Librarian. She can be reached at (916) 278-6776 or vanaukerr@csus.edu. Additional assistance is available at the Library Reference Desk at (916) 278-5673.