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    Books can be searched in EUREKA by author, title, subject, or keyword. Useful browsing numbers to find books on selected topics in education are:
    Mathematics-Study and teaching
    Science-Study and teaching
    Art-Study and teaching
    Music-Instruction and study
    Social sciences-Study and teaching
    Language arts
    Literature-Study and teaching
    Physical education and training
    QA11-20, QA 95-135.5
    LB 1585, Q 181-183
    N 350-363
    MT 1-10
    LB 1584, H 62
    LB 1049-1050, LB 1573
    LB 1631, LB 1576
    LB 1575, PN 59-70, juv 028.5
    GV 200-443
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    Education and Technology: an Encyclopedia    ref LB 1028.3 E17 2004
    Encyclopedia of American Education   ref LB 17 U54 2007 v.1-3
    Encyclopedia of Education (e-book) Also available at ref LB 15 E47 2003
    Encyclopedia of Education & Human Development   ref LB 15 E473 2005
    Encyclopedia of Educational Research  ref LB 15 E48 1992
    Encyclopedia of Special Education  ref LC 4007 E5 2000
    Encyclopedia of Special Education: a Reference for the Education of
       Children, Adolescents, and Adults with Disabilities and Other
       Exceptional Individuals
      ref LC 4007 E53 2007 v.1-3
    Facts on File Dictionary of Education   ref LB 15 S43 1988
    Greenwood Dictionary of Education   ref LB 15 G68 2003
    Historical Dictionary of American Education   ref LB 15 H57 1999
    International Encyclopedia of Education   ref LB 15 I569 1994
    International Encyclopedia of Educational Technology
       ref LB 1028.3 I567 1996
    Learning Theories A to Z   ref LB 15 L4695 2002
    Standards and Schooling in the United States: and Encyclopedia
        ref LB 2822.82 S82 2001
    World Education Encyclopedia   ref LB 15 W87 2001
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    California Public School Directory.   ref L 903 C2 A33 (year)
    Handbook of Educational Psychology   ref LB 1051 H2354 1996
    Handbook of Reading Research   ref LB 1050 H278 2000
    Handbook of Research for Educational Communication and Technology
        ref LB 1028.3 H355 1996
    Handbook of Research on Curriculum   ref LB 1570 H264 1992
    Handbook of Research on Improving Student Achievement
       ref LB 1062.6 H36 1999
    Handbook of Research on Mathematics Teaching and Learning
       ref QA 11 H26 1992
    Handbook of Research on Multicultural Education  ref LC 1099.3 H35 2004
    Handbook of Research on School Supervision  ref LB 2806.4 H36 1998
    Handbook of Research on Science Teaching and Learning
       ref Q 181 A1 H35 1994
    Handbook of Research on Social Studies Teaching and Learning  ref LB 1584 H275 1991
    Handbook of Research on Teacher Education  ref LB 1715 H274 1996
    Handbook of Research on Teaching  ref LB 1028 H315 2001
    Handbook of Research on Teaching Literacy through the Communicative and
        Visual Arts
      P 91.3 H36 1997
    Handbook of Research on Teaching the English Language Arts
       ref LB 1576 H234 2003
    Literacy and Learning: a Reference Handbook    LC 151 B58 2002
    MDR's School Directory California  ref L 903 C2 M37 1997/98
    New Handbook of Research on Music Teaching and Learning
       ref MT 1 S44 2002
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    The Condition of Education
       Also available at ref L 112 N377a (year)
    California's Young Children: Demographic, Social, and Economic Conditions
    Digest of Education Statistics
       Also available at ref L 112 D48 (year)
    Education at a Glance: OECD Indicators  ref LB 2846 E247 (year)
    Education Internet Resources/Statistics: CSUS Research Guide
    Projections of Education Statistics
       Also available at ref L 112 P7 (year)
    Quality Counts Archive
    Rankings & Estimates: Rankings of the States ... and Estimates of School Statistics
       Older editions available at ref LB 2846 N28 (year)
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        Index to Mental Measurements YearbookMY
    Cumulative Index to Tests in Microfiche ref LBZ 5814 P8 E32 1998
    Directory of Unpublished Experimental Mental Measures ref BF 431 G625
    ETS Test Collection Catalog
       Also available at ref LB 3051 E79 1993
    Mental Measurements Yearbook (EBSCO)
        MMY database provides the complete text of test reviews and critiques from the 9th
        edition through the most current edition of the Yearbook and is updated every six months.
        Complete text from earlier editions of MMY back to the first year of publication, 1938.
        Also available in print at 1938-date ref LBZ 5814 P8 B932 (year)
    Test Critiques ref BF 176 T419 v.1-11
    Test in Print (EBSCO)
        A comprehensive bibliography to all known commercially available tests
       that are currently in print in the English language; linked to the test
       reviews published in the Mental Measurements Yearbook.
       Also available in print at ref LBZ 5814 E9 B8
    Tests: a Comprehensive Reference for Assessments in Psychology, Education, and
      ref BF 176 T43 2008
    Education: Finding Tests, Scales, Measurements, and Test Critiques
    The first part of this CSUS Library Research Guide explains how to locate copies of tests and measurements in the Library.

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    Databases can be accessed via the Library computers or on-campus computer labs. Unless noted otherwise; electronic indexes are restricted to CSUS students, faculty, & staff. Instructions for off-campus access are available at Off-Campus Access to Library E-Resources .

    ERIC (EBSCO) - from the Department of Education, 1966-current
    Education Full Text - Education specific database with full text articles
    PsycINFO (EBSCO) - from the American Psychological Association, 1887-current

    Additional databases for researching topics in Education are available from the CSUS Library Education Database and Periodical Index page.

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    California Education Code
       Also available at ref LB 2529 K86
    Deskbook Encyclopedia of American School Law  ref LB 2514 D47 1994
    Education in the United States: a Documentary History  ref LA 205 C53
    Requirements for Certification of Teachers, Counselors, Librarians, Administrators
        for Elementary and Secondary Schools
     ref LB 1771 W6 (1989-2007)
    Thesaurus of ERIC Descriptors Index Area Z 695.1 E3 E34 and near 2nd floor Computer
       Reference Area
    Thesaurus of Psychological Index Terms Index Area BF 1 P66 and near 2nd floor
       Computer Reference Area
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    Web Sites

    California Department of Education
    Education Internet Resources: CSUS Research Guide
    U.S. Department of Education
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    Additional CSUS Research Guides on Education can be found at the CSUS Library Education Database and Periodical Index page.

    See the CSUS Research Guides page for a complete alphabetical listing of all the research guides.

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    A Sacramento State Library Research Guide compiled by Roz Van Auker, Education Reference Librarian;; California State University, Sacramento; Last updated 6/09