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Routledge Encyclopedia of Philosophy Online
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Routledge encyclopedia of philosophy. Ref B 51 .R68 1998
Concise Routledge encyclopedia of philosophy. Ref B 51 .C58 2000
World philosophers and their works. Ref 104 .W67 2000
Internet Encyclopedia of Philosophy. http://www.iep.utm.edu
Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy http://plato.stanford.edu
Encyclopedia of aesthetics.Ref BH 56 .E53 1998
Encyclopedia of democratic thought. Ref  JC 423 .E54 2001
Encyclopedia of classical philosophy. Ref B 163 .E53 1997
Encyclopedia of the enlightenment. Ref B 802 .W48 1996
Encyclopedia of empiricism. Ref B 816 .E53 1997
Philosophy of science: an encyclopedia Ref Q 174.7 .P55 2006
Companion encyclopedia of Asian philosophy. Ref B 121 .C66 1997
Encyclopeda of Chinese Philosophy Ref B 126 .E496 2003 and B 126 .E496 2003
Encyclopedia of ethics. Ref BJ 63 .E45 2001 and BJ 63 .E45 1992
Encyclopedia of applied ethics. Ref BJ 63 .E44 1998
Encyclopedia of cosmology. Ref QB 980.5 .E53 1993


Cambridge dictionary of philosophy. Ref B 41 .C35 1999
Historical dictionary of logic. Ref BC 9 .G36 2006
Historical dictionary of epistemology. Ref BD 150 .B34 2006
Dictionary of atheism, skepticism & humanism. Ref BL 2705 .C66 2006
Oxford classical dictionary. Ref DE 5 .O9 1996
Dictionary of 19th century British philosophers. Ref B 1561 .D53 2002
Dictionary of 17th century British philosophers. Ref B 1131 .D538 2000
Kant dictionary. Ref B 2751 .C38 1995
Historical dictionary of Nietzscheanism. B 3311 .D54 1999
Hegel dictionary. Ref B 2901 .I58 1992
Derrida dictionary. Ref B 2430 .D483 Z865 2004
Biographical dictionary of transcendentalism. Ref B 905 .B56 1996
Dictionary of existentialism. Ref B 819 .D455 1999
Routledge critical dictionary of postmodern thought. Ref B 831.2 .R68 1999
Concise dictionary of Indian philosophy : Sanskrit terms defined
      in English.
Ref B 131 .G67 1996 and B 131 .G67 1989


International directory of philosophy and philosophers. Ref B 35 .I55
Directory of American philosophers. Ref B 935 .D5


Library of Congress subject headings in philosophy. Ref Z 695.1 .P465 L53 2001
Oxford companion to philosophy. Ref B 51 .O94 1995
Blackwell companions to philosophy. (Click here for individual titles)
Cambridge companions to philosophy. (Click here for individual titles)
Blackwell guide to feminist philosophy. HQ 1190 .B575 2007
Blackwell guide to ethical theory. BJ 1012 .B536 2000
Blackwell guide to the philosophy of the social sciences. H 61 .B4774 2003
Blackwell guide to the philosophy of law and legal theory. K 235 .B58 2005
Blackwell guide to the philosophy of religion. BR 100 .B49 2005
Business ethics : a reference handbook. HF 5387 .D54 1998
Blackwell guide to epistemology. BD 161 .B465 1999
Classic Asian philosophy: a guide to the essential texts. B121 .K85 2001
Blackwell guide to the philosophy of science. Q 175 .B533 2002
Oxford handbook of free will. BJ 1461 .F74 2002


Philosophy student writer's manual. B 52.7 .G73 1998
Writing philosophy papers. B 52.7 .S44 2000
Guidebook for publishing philosophy. Ref PN 160 .G831 1997
Thinking and writing about philosophy. B 52.7 .B44 1996


World philosophers and their works. Ref B 104 .W67 2000
Oxford illustrated history of Western philosophy
B 72 .O8 1997
Western philosophy: an illustrated guide BD 21.W434 2004
Comparative history of world philosophy: from the Upanishads to Kant. B 799 .S37 1998
Brief history of western philosophy. B 72 .K44 1998
Cambridge history of seventeenth-century philosophy. B 801 .C35 1998
Columbia history of Western philosophy. B 72 .C593 1999
Great thinkers of the Western world. Ref B 72 .G74 1992
Great thinkers of the Eastern world. Ref B 5005 .G74 1995
Philosophy: the basics. BD 21 .W35 1999
Western ethics: an historical introduction. BJ 71 .A77 1998
Short history of ethics: a history of moral philosophy from the Homeric Age
      to the twentieth century.
BJ 71 .M3 1998
Moral philosophers: an introduction to ethics. BJ 71 .N73 1997
History of Western ethics. BJ 71 .H56 1992


Critical reasoning & philosophy: a concise guide to reading, evaluating,
      and writing philosophical works.
BC 177 .H653 2004
How to get the most out of philosophy. B 52 .S59 2007
Logical reasoning. BC 177 .D64 1993
Thinking from A-Z. Ref BC 177 .W345 1996
Thinking about logic. BC 71 .R43 1995
Informal logic : a handbook for critical argumentation. BC 177 .W324 1989
One-sided arguments : a dialectical analysis of bias. BC 177 .W3255 1999
Critical reasoning in ethics: a practical introduction. BJ 43 .T47 1999


Proceedings of the Twentieth World Congress of Philosophy B 20 .W6 1999
Philosophy of mind: classical and contemporary readings. BD 418.3 .C435 2002
*Contemporary debates in philosophy of mind. BD 418.3 .C656 2007
Key thinkers in linguistics and the philosophy of language. Ref P 107 .K49 2005
*Cambridge companion to atheism BL 2747.3 .C36 2007
Political philosophers of the 20th century. JA 83 .L39 1999
Companion to environmental philosophy. Ref GE 40 .C66 2001
Sex from Plato to Paglia: a philosophical encyclopedia HQ 12 .S423 2006

Presenting women philosophers. B 105 .W6 P74 2000
Introduction to feminist epistemologies. HQ 1190 .T37 1999
The collaborative bibliography of women in philosophy. Ref B 105 .W6 C65 1997
Philosophies of science/feminist theories. HQ 1190 .D85 1998
Women philosophers of the early modern period. B 801 .W65 1994
Cambridge companion to feminism in philosophy. HQ 1154 .C25 2000
Feminism and history of philosophy. HQ 1190 .F46 2002

Indian philosophy: a collection of readings. B 130 .I63 2000
Understanding Confucian philosophy: classical and Sung-Ming. B 127 .C65 .L59 1998
Sourcebook for modern Japanese philosophy: selected documents. Ref B 5241 .S68 1998
Recent Japanese philosophical thought 1862-1996: a survey. B 5242 .P56 1997
History of Islamic philosophy. B 741 .H58 1996
Brief introduction to Islamic philosophy. B 741 .L42 1999
Introduction to African philosophy. B 5305 .I43 1998
Existence in black. B 936 .E85 1997


Oxford handbook of practical ethics. BJ 1031 .O94 2003 
Ethics: history, theory, and contemporary issues. BJ 1012 .E84 1998
Ethics Updates http://ethics.sandiego.edu/index.html
Ethics: the big questions. BJ 1012 .E8948 1998
Ethics: the classic readings. BJ 1012 .E8957 1998
Hindu ethics: a philosophical study. BJ 122 .P47 1998
Ethics of the professions: medicine, business, media, law. BJ 1725 .E763 1999
Agricultural ethics: research, teaching, and public policy. BJ 52.5 .T539 1998
In nature's interests?: interests, animal rights, and environmental
GE 42 .V38 1998 and Electronic Book
Biology and the foundation of ethics. BJ 1311 .B5 1999
Computer and information ethics. QA 76.9 .M65 W43 1997
Media ethics: a philosophical approach. P 94 .K54 1997


Analysis (Oxford, Eng.)
British journal for the philosophy of science
Dialectica: international review of philosophy of knowledge
European journal of philosophy
Hypatia : a journal of feminist philosophy
Inquiry (Oslo, Norway)
Journal of applied philosophy
Journal of Chinese philosophy
Journal of political philosophy
Journal of social philosophy
Journal of the history of philosophy
Mind & language
The Monist
Pacific philosophical quarterly
Philosophical books
Philosophical forum
Philosophical investigations
Philosophical issues
Philosophical perspectives
Philosophical quarterly
Philosophy : journal of the British Institute of Philosophy
Philosophy & social criticism
Philosophy and public affairs
Philosophy east and west
Philosophy of science : Official journal of the Philosophy of Science Association
Philosophy of the social sciences
Phronesis : a journal of ancient philosophy
Telos : A quarterly journal of radical social theory


Episteme Links http://www.epistemelinks.com
Council for Research in Values and Philosophy http://www.crvp.org  
      Full text of papers, seminars, conferences on human issues from 60 countries.

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