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compiled by Deborah Metzger


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There are many topics within the categories of food and nutrition, therefore many possible search terms.  
Use the categories below as a guide for browsing the shelves... 

GN 407 - 410 Food-Anthropology
GT 2855 - 2920 Foods-Manners and Customs
QP 141 - 185 Physiology - Nutrition
RM 214 -259 Diet in disease and diet therapy
TP 368 - 465 Food processing and manufacture
TP 500-659 Chemical technology (wine, beer, spirits)
TX 341 - 946.5 Home economics, nutrition, foods, cookbooks

Use the EUREKA Library Catalog to look up books by author, title or specific subject headings. Some useful 
LC Subject headings are listed below. Or try a keyword search and then review the entries 
for an appropriate subject heading.

amino acids food adulteration and inspection menus
anorexia nervosa food-composition-tables metabolism
carbohydrates food consumption nutrition disorders
cardiovascular system-diseases-nutritional aspects food habits obesity
children-nutrition food industry and trade proteins
cholesterol food supply trace elements
cookery gastronomy vegetarianism
deficiency diseases infants-nutrition vitamins
diet in disease malnutrition weight reducing preparations