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Below is a list of web-based journals, accessible to anyone. These publications provide in-depth articles on aspects of Computers/Computer Science or related areas. Most consider themselves to be scholarly journals and are structured to resemble traditional printed journals. However, as electronic journals, they may not have established the same peer-review processes that traditional printed journals incorporate. 

Chicago Journal of Theoretical Compter Science - By its own account, this is a peer-reviewed journal that concerns itself with theoretical computer science. . It is hosted by the University of Chicago. The Editor in Chief is a professor of Computer Science at the University.

Crossroads: The International ACM Student Magazine is a student run publication of the ACM which covers articles relating to many aspects of computer science. Articles are reviewed by student editors and faculty experts.

D-Lib Forum is a monthly magazine that focuses on innovation and research in digital libraries. Although it refers to itself as a magazine, articles are lengthy and generally include extensive bibliographies. Most members of the magazine's "advisory board" are from academia.

The Electronic Journal of Combinatorics - By its own account, this is a peer-reviewed journal that covers the areas of discrete mathematics, including combinatorics, graph theory, and discrete algorithms. Both research articles and general interest articles are included.

IBM Journal of Research and Development This journal is a peer-reviewed journal, published bimonthly, specializing in information systems. Anyone can contribute, as long as the articles are relevent to the journal's mission. The journal also contains a comprehensive lists of patents issued to IBM inventors and papers published by IBM authors in other journals. The last issue each year contains a subject and author index for that year.

INFOCOMP  This journal is a peer-reviewed open-access journal which focuses on a broad range of topics in Computer Science.

Journal of Artificial Intelligence Research - By its own account, this is a peer-reviewed journal that covers all areas of Artificial Intelligence Research. It publishes research articles, survey articles, and technical notes.

Journal of Functional and Logic Programming - This is a peer-reviewed journal published by the MIT Press. This journal covers the theoretical foundations of functional and logic programming up to the application of such languages ``in the real world.''

Journal of Object Technology - This is a peer-reviewed publication, published six times per year by the ETH Swiss Federal Institute of Technology.  Topics include OOA, OOD, patterns, OODBMS, OO languages, components and case studies.  

Journal of Research of the National Institute of Standards and Technology This peer-reviewed journal reports on NIST research in the areas of the physical sciences, engineering and computer science, which the NIST is active in. Papers emphasize measurement methodology and the basic technology underlying standardization.

Logical Methods in Computer Science This journal is a fully refereed, open access, free, electronic journal that focuses on theoretical and practical areas in computer science involving logical methods. A full list of topics covered in this journal is listed on this page

Ubiquity - An ACM IT magazine and forum, this publication comes from the Association for Computing Machinery which seeks to provide a forum for community discussions among professionals in the Information Technology arena.



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