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The IEEE Style Manual (used by ECS students)
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Free Online Journals in Computer Science
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The IEEE Style Manual

 Subscription Databases for searching Computer Science literature (available to all CSUS students and faculty)

Search the following databases to find the citations, abstracts, and the full text from scholarly journals, conference proceedings, trade magazines, standards, and books.  This is the first place you want to begin searching, as researchers!!

ACM Digital Library (citations, abstracts, and fulltext) 1950 - present. Includes all articles published by the ACM in its proceedings, transactions, magazines, newsletters and journals. Also includes publications by the ACM's Special Interest Groups. Do a keyword search separating words by “and.”

ACM Guide to Bibliographic Literature (citations only)
Dates vary. The Guide is a collection of bibliographic citations and abstracts of works in Computer Science published by the ACM and other publishers. Do a keyword search separating words by “and.”

IEEE Electronic Library (citations, abstracts and fulltext). Fulltext access for current publications and archived publications now accessible!! This database specializes in Electrical and Electronics Engineering and includes Computer Engineering and some aspects of Computer Science. Focus is on scholarly publications.

Engineering Village 2 Click on Begin a New Session
(abstracts and linked fulltext) 1970 - present. This database specializes in all disciplines of Engineering and many aspects of Computer Science.  Focus is on scholarly publications. 

Science Direct (fulltext)  Computer Science is one of the subjects this database covers. Scroll down to select it. Full text articles are generally available after 1995, while citations extend father back. Focus is on scholarly publications.

Safari Tech Books Online This database includes the full text of Computer Science and technical books from both the user's and the developer's perspective.

SpringerLink (fulltext) This database focuses on science, engineering and technology, although it does include other disciplines. Book citations as well as journal citations are available. Only journals include full text.

Wiley Interscience (fulltext) 1996-present. Includes Computer Science as a category. Focus is on scholarly publications. 

Emerald Plus (fulltext) 1967- present. Covers scientific, medical and engineering literature, including disciplines related to Computer Science

AIP Scitation (fulltext) - This database, produced by the American Institute of Physics, works to provide science and engineering information to the scholarly community. Conference proceedings, journals, and standard information is included.

Applied Science and Technology (abstracts only) 1983- present.
Industry publications (trade journals) and popular literature (magazines) are included along with some scholarly journals.

The following are broader, interdisciplinary databases. The recommendation is to search them after other databases have been exhausted.

Academic Search Permier (fulltext) 1984- present. Scholarly journals, popular magazines, and trade journals all included.
Oxford University Press Journals (fulltext) 1996 - present. Interdisciplinary scholarly journals, including a section on Mathematics & Physical Science.

Non-subscription Databases for searching Computer Science literature (publicly accessible  to anyone via the web).  Literature found in these databases may not be "published" in the traditional sense.

Computer Research Repository   ( 
(fulltext articles) 1993- present 
This database functions through the cooperation of the ACM, the Los Alamos E-print Archives, and NCSTRL and includes papers (often pre-prints) from all aspects of Computer Science.

National Technical Information Service ( The National Technical Information Service provides government-funded scientific, technical, engineering, and business related information. You can search this database for technical reports.

Cogprints - Computer Science  (
(fulltext articles) Cogprints stands for the Cognitive Science e-print archive. The Computer Science section of it covers articles (ofen-pre-prints) in Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning,
Neural Networks, Robotics, Speech, and other areas 

E-print Network (
(fulltext articles). The E-Print network includes pre-publication drafts of journal articles (preprints), scholarly papers, technical communications, or similar documents relaying research results among peer groups. You can browse the by disciplines (selecting Computer Technologies and Information Science).

Click on the link below to find a list of open-access journals, scholarly and/or peer-reviewed in the field of Computer Science

Free Online Journals in Computer Science

Professional Organizations, Institutes and Laboratories

American Association for Artificial Intelligence  (
Association for Computational Linguistics  (
Association for Computing Machinery  (
Computing Professionals for Social Responsibility  (
Computing Research Association  (
IEEE Computer Society  (
IEEE Communications Society  (
International Federation for Information Processing  (
Internet Society  (
Organizations for the Advancement of Structured Information Standards
(such as SGML and XML)  (
Society for Industial and and Applied Mathematics (SIAM)  (
USENIX Association (The Advanced Computing Systems Association)

Center for Information Assurance and Security  CSUS!!! (

Artificial Intelligence Center at the Stanford Ranch Research Institute
Carnegie Mellon's Software Engineering Institute
Center for Information Technology Integration  (
Center for Machine Translation   
International Computer Science Institute
MIT Laboratory for Computer Science  (
MIT Media Laboratory  (
National HPCC Software Exchange  (
San Diego Supercomputer Center  (

Online Standards Sites

American National Standards Institute Homepage
American Society for Testing and Materials Homepage  (
International Organization for Standards Homepage

National Information Standards Organization

National Institute of Standards and Technology Homepage
National Resource for Global Standards Homepage

 University Programs

CSUS Department of Computer Science  (
CSUS College of Engineering and Computer Science (


U.S. Patent and Trademark Office  (

Internet Resources and Directories for Computer Science

Collected Algorithms (CALGO) of the ACM 
Computer Architecture Home Page (
Concurrent Systems (
Formal Methods
Internet Country Codes  (
Logic Programming - Virtual Library  (
Stony Brook Algorithm Repository  (
The XML Cover Pages  (

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