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Country Reports from Business Source Premier
This database provides a variety of reports on different aspects of countries including political, economic, investment, and social overviews. Also provides country data such as GDP, employment, production, etc. Type country name to get started.

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Europa World Year Book; A World Survey Ref. D 2 E87
Every country profile includes history, current event, statistics (area, population, economy, industry, finance, trade, transport, communications media, education), and directories of government, politics, society and media, and business and commerce.

Background Notes
U.S. State Department site which contains information on all the countries of the world with which the United States has relations. Included are facts on the country's land, people, history, government, political conditions, economy, and its relations with other countries and the United States.

Europa's Regional Surveys of the World
These volumes give expert analysis and commentary on the region; followed by political, social, and economic surveys. A section of Biographical profiles of political regional leaders is at the back.

  • Central and South-eastern Europe Ref. HC 244 A1 C46
  • Eastern Europe, Russia and Central Asia Ref. HC 244 A1 E293
  • Far East and Australasia Ref. DS 1 F3
  • Middle East and North Africa Ref. DS 45 M5
  • South America, Central America and the Caribbean Ref. F 1406.5 S68
  • USA and Canada Ref. E 38 U8
  • Western Europe Ref. HC 240 W43

Dun & Bradstreet Guide to Doing Business Around the World Ref. HF1416 M78 2001
Covers some of the following information for the U.S.'s top 40 trading partner's: country risk, monetary policy, trade policy, protection of intellectual property rights, foreign investment climate, cultural factors influencing business, etc.

Doing Business in ... (Country) HF 1379 P7
80+ volumes. Updated irregularly.
Published by Price WaterhouseCoopers, each volume covers the business environment, investment climate, audit, accounting, and taxation information of a particular country.

Interactive Index of Economic Freedom
A database offering detailed reference information about economic policy for 161 countries. The results are presented in an easy-to-read list with comparable features and scores, as well as a detailed snapshot overview of economic information for each of the countries, for six years.
Click Search or Countries to get started.

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CIA World Factbook
Provides basic information by country such as geography (location, area, etc.), people (population, birth rate, death rate, literacy, etc.), economy (gdp, inflation rate, labor force, unemployment, etc.), government, communications, military, and transportation.

Doing Business
Sponsored by the World Bank, this free database provides objective measures of business regulations and their enforcement. Indicators cover topics such as starting a business, employing workers, paying taxes, getting credit, etc.

Euromonitor publishes the following volumes which are a great source for a wide variety of economic, demographic, consumer, and marketing statistics. Updated annually.

European Marketing Data and Statistics
International Marketing Data and Statistics

European Marketing Forecasts
International Marketing Forecasts

Consumer Europe
Consumer International
Consumer Asia
Consumer Middle East
Consumer USA

World Economic Factbook

Ref. HA 1107 E87
Ref. HA 42 I56

Ref. HC 240 A1 E85
Ref. HF 5410 I58

Ref. HD 7022 C68
Ref. HC 79 C6 C636
Ref. HC 411 C66
Ref. HC 415.15 Z9 C67
Ref. HC 101 C744

Ref. HC 59.15 W67

International Data Base (IDB)
U.S. Bureau of the Census offers summary demographic information for 227 countries and areas of the world. Easy-to-use menus provide the most up-to-date country demographics along with projections.

OECD Economic Surveys Ref. HC 59 O7
Series of monographs, usually updated every one or two years, each dealing with an individual country's macroeconomic conditions, changing trade developments, and short-term/long-terms economic prospects.

Global Competitiveness Report Ref. HF 1414 G559.
An authoritative, insightful and up-to-date analysis or macroeconomic and other data measures of comparative economic performance of the world's countries. Each country receives a "competitiveness Balance Sheet" profile with ratings on factors such as Competence of Public Officials, Value Added Tax rate, High Skilled IT Job Market, etc. which are listed under two columns with the headings Notable Competitive Advantages and Notable Competitive Disadvantages. Updated annually.

International Financial Statistics Ref. HG 3881 I6
Yearbooks providing for up to 30 years of data for the countries of the world. Import and export data, balance of payments, and government finance, trade, and commodity price indexes.

OFFSTATS: Official Statistics on the Web
Links to sites offering free and easily accessible social, economic and general data from official sources, especially those that provide both current data and time series. You can click on the name of a country and get official government statistics, plus data from other sources (like the United Nations, the CIA, and the World Bank).

World Development Indicators (WDI)
All data available in the print version. Ref. HC 59.15 W656
World Bank's premier annual compilation of data about development. The World Bank website provides some free charts and graps. Click "Data and Research" then "Data Website" to find the free information.

World Development Report Ref. HC59.7 E558
Time series comparison data from base years country-by-country of macroeconomic and demographic variables. Published annually.

Statistical Handbook on Poverty in the Developing World Ref. HC 59.72 P6 S73
Overview of nearly 200 of the "developing" countries with comparative data for land areas, population, health, education, and economic output.

This United Nations site provides a means of comparing demographics, macroeconomic indicators, social indicators, and geographic factors among up to seven countries in printable tables. Menu-driven and easy to use.

Political Risk Yearbook, vols. 1-7 Ref. JX 1252 P65 2001
Lengthy political forecast scenarios (18 months & 5 years) which cover the business climate, government support or lack of support for international business, foreign investment policies, economic conditions, political parties and leaders, labor supply and costs, and general social stability.

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Business Culture, customs and etiquette
Detailed information and guidance about business practices, social customs, and intercultural communication in a wide range of countries.

Culturgrams: The Nations Around Us Ref. GT 150 C85
Updated every two years, provides concise (4 pages) treatments of the cultural characteristics of the countries of the world.

Global Road Warrior : 95-country Resource for the International Business Communicator and Traveler Ref. G 156.5 B86 G56 2001

Kiss, Bow, or Shake Hands: How to Do Business in 60 Countries Ref. HF 5389 M67 1994

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The U.S. Government Export Portal includes a bounty of resources including Exporting Basics, Market Research, Trade Leads, Shipping Logistics and Documentation, etc. Access to some information in the Market Research section requires free registration.

Exporter's Encyclopaedia Ref. HF 3011 E9
Updated annually this gives basic mechanics of exporting along with trade regulations of foreign countries.

Export/Import Procedures and Documentation Ref. HF 1416.5 J64 2002

Trade Policy Review (Country) Found in Reference between Ref. HF 1479 and HF 1625. You can browse or search EUREKA by Title.
TPRs contain information on each title country covering recent economic developments, trade and investment policy, market access in goods, policies affecting trade in goods, selected commercial sectors, recent economic developments and more.

Office of the US Trade Trade Representative
Reports in PDF format on trade conditions in dozens of countries worldwide. It's mostly concerned with export barriers to U.S. goods, but the information is valuable to anyone interested in foreign trade. Start by choosing a world region or a trade agreement.

Official site of the World Trade Organization
The international body dealing with the rules of trade between nations. Links to related sites. Browse by trade topic--e.g., goods, services, intellectual property, environment, development, policy review, dispute settlement, and government procurement.

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The U.S. Government Export Portal includes a bounty of resources including Exporting Basics, Market Research, Trade Leads, Shipping Logistics and Documentation, etc.

US Trade and Development Agency
"USTDA facilitates development in emerging markets by promoting U .S. partnerships in high priority overseas projects."

"California's Gateway to Global Trade."

Sacramento U.S. Export Assistance Center
Phone: 916-566-7170
Address: 1410 Ethan Way
Sacramento, CA 95825
The Commercial Service of the U.S. Department of Commerce is a federal government agency dedicated to helping small-to-medium sized companies with their exporting strategies.

Sacramento Regional Center for International Trade Development
1410 Ethan Way
Sacramento, CA 95825
Phone: 916-563-3200
Offer coaching to assist small-to-medium sized companies with importing and exporting.

Northern California World Trade Center
"The NCWTC - a private, non-profit, affiliate of the World Trade Center Association—is dedicated toward enhancing international trade within the Northern California region. The Mission of the Northern California World Trade Center is to facilitate international business in Northern California by offering a one-stop-shop for information, education, technical assistance and networking services that help businesses succeed in the global marketplace."

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Foreign Trade Statistics
U.S. Census Bureau site offers free import/export data. Covers trade with United States only.

International Trade Statistics Yearbook Ref. HF 91 U473
Export/import statistics by product for countries around the world.

Direction of Trade Statistics Ref. HF 91 I65
Data from the IMF tracks for latest 7 yrs. each country's import/export in US$ with other countries and trading blocks.

Foreign Trade by Commodities Ref. HF 91 O67
OECD data tracks by commodity trade between one country and others for latest 6 yrs. import/export trade in United States.

Foreign Trade of the United States Ref. HF 3000 F67 2001
Time series data extending from 1970/1980 to 1999 of U.S.A. trade transactions in services and goods to other countries. Also, data for U.S. States international transactions in goods and services with countries. Good way of determining trends of exports along specific product, service and commodity lines to specific countries.

Hemispheric Trade and Tariffs Database
Provides tariff information or trade statistics for countries in North or South America. The searchable data base will be updated on an annual basis with tariffs available in the second quarter and trade flows in the fourth quarter of each year.

TradeStats Express
From the Office of Trade and Economic Analysis (OTEA), International Trade Administration, this web site "displays U.S. merchandise trade statistics at national and state levels in the form of maps, graphs, and tables for exports, imports, and trade balances. It also allows you to retrieve, visualize, analyze, print, and download trade data."

U.S. Foreign Trade Highlights
More data on U.S. international trade. "Emphasis is on goods trade: aggregate exports and imports, U.S. commodity and country/regional trade balances, and shifts in the commodity composition of U.S. exports and imports with major trading partners and regions."

USITC Interactive Tariff and Trade DataWeb
U.S. International Trade Commission site provides U.S. import statistics, U.S. export statistics, U.S. tariffs, U.S. future tariffs and U.S. tariff preference information. Requires free registration.

Trade Statistics Online A nice article from the Trade Information Center detailing sources for doing international trade research.

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Use electronic databases to find articles on your international marketing topics. Below are the recommended databases for international marketing research. A comprehensive list of available databases is here: Database access is limited to current students, faculty, and staff of CSUS. Instructions for off-campus users are here: Off-Campus Access to Library E-Resources

ABI/Inform Extensive coverage of international trade topics as well general business and company news.

Business Source Premier Provides country reports, market data for countries, as well as articles from across the globe.

Factiva Huge collection of U.S. and international news sources. Includes trade journals with international scope.

LexisNexis Academic Universe Delivers full text coverage of national and international news from hundreds of newspapers and news wires. Do a Guided News Search to search World News. Country Profiles are also available in the Reference section.

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Use the CSUS online catalog EUREKA to find books by subject, author, or title. Some useful headings are listed below.

Balance of Trade
Competition, international
Corporations, foreign
Export marketing
Free trade
Foreign economic relations [country name]
Foreign trade and employment
International business enterprises
International business enterprises - management
International trade

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International Business Meta sites

Great directory of international business resources categorized by specific orientation and content. Vast majority of content is free.

The Federation of International Trade Associations - FITA
A comprehensive searchable database of International Trade Web Resources! More than 7000 links to International Trade / Import-Export Web sites are annotated and indexed. Searchable in Spanish and other languages by well organized categories, keywords, or by country or region.

More Country Resources

BUBL Link: Countries
Search for web resources on any particular country from maps, geology resources, travel guides, political reports, and much more. Each site on the list has a summary.

International Monetary Fund - World Economic Outlook
Recent international financial developments and provides revised economic forecasts for emerging and mature economies.

IMF Staff Country Reports
International Monetary Fund Reports on the economic and commercial conditions of specific countries in full text. Also check Country Info . The IMF site provides uptodate news sources for country specific information dealing with economics and trade.

"This Website is a one-stop resource for business and commercial information in Africa.... Profiles of 60 countries include very basic information such as population, government structure, and leading industries. MBendi also features comprehensive information on industries ranging from communications and information technology, to chemicals, to mining." The Scout Report [EM]

World Income Inequality Database
The Social Development and Poverty Elimination Division of the United Nations Development Programme provide the World Income Inequality Database (WIID) to supply data and information on cross-country and time level series of income inequalities.

More Import/Export Resources

Global Trade Tutorial
Tutorial is designed to assist exports of all experience levels by providing a review of exporting materials.

Global Trade Negotiations
Includes "breaking news about trade from worldwide media; in-depth articles on major issues like biotechnology, e-commerce, intellectual property, market access, and others affecting trade; research papers; links to governmental agencies and non-governmental organizations; statistics, and much more."

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