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Library Faculty & Staff Directory (Dept View)

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Dept. Head/Unit Supervisor in bold. All phone numbers are area code 916.

Cotenas, Richard 278-6951 Library Services Specialist II
Dolmseth, David 278-7492 Library Services Specialist IV
Frame, Rachel 278-7092 Library Services Specialist II
Jensen, Stacie 278-5652 Library Services Specialist II
Opsahl, Nancy 278-5651 Library Services Specialist IV
Saiz, Lorraine 278-6359 Library Services Specialist II
Taketa, Carol 278-5170 Library Services Specialist II
Xanders, Charlotte 278-5451 Interim Head, Acquisitions Department
Bibliographic Control Department
Keyser, Erika 278-5456 Library Services Specialist III
Roberts, Lisa 278-5881 Metadata/ERM Librarian
Rogers, Kara 278-5647 Library Services Specialist III
Xanders, Charlotte 278-5451 Head, Bibliographic Control Department
Yanez, Israel 278-4338 Library Services Specialist IV
Library Administration
Hitchcock, Sally 278-5954 Coordinator for Community Outreach
Guess, Sally 278-6467 Budget and HR Analyst
Jones, Hiesheena 278-5654 Assistant to the Dean
Judziewicz, Jolene 278-5654 Office Coordinator
Kautzman, Amy 278-6230 Library Dean
Ware, Jennifer 278-5430 Interim Associate Dean
Library Media Center
Gu, Fang 278-5642 Head, Library Media Center
Pulido, Alberto 278-3499 Library Services Specialist III
Library Systems & Information Technology Services
Surprenant, Gary 278-5660 Info Tech Consultant
Ward, Christian 278-2273 Web Developer
Zhang, Bin 278-5664 Digital Information Services Librarian & Interim Head Library Systems
Reference & Instruction
Amata, Ben 278-5672 Government/History/Law Librarian
Bradley, Anne 278-4350 Business Librarian
Frey, Atticus 278-5679 Undergraduate Experience Librarian
Hall, Leilani 278-6422 Reference Librarian
Heaser, Eileen 278-6797 Medical/Nursing Librarian
Kochis, Maria 278-6798 Science & Literature Librarian
Kristie, William 278-5662 Economics & Social Sciences Librarian
Merrifield, Emily 278-5679 Undergraduate Experience Librarian
Metzger, Deborah 278-7509 Science Librarian
O'Farrell, Lynn 278-6218 Library Services Specialist II
O'Neal-Watts, Jennifer 278-7932 Library Services Specialist III
Peigahi, Reza 278-5246 Instruction Librarian
Ronayne, Betty 278-5366 Education Librarian
Van Auker, Rosalind 278-6776 Social Sciences & Education Librarian
Wang, Hong 278-6373 Political Science Librarian
Zhou, Jian-zhong (Joe) 278-6201 Head, Reference Department
Special Collections/University Archives
Drennan, Lynn 278-6260 Library Services Specialist III
O'Neill, Sheila 278-5469 Special Collections & University Archives Librarian
Rockwell, Christopher 278-6843 Library Services Specialist IV
Thomas, Julie 278-5240 Special Collections & Manuscripts Librarian
Ware, Jennifer 278-5430 Interim Head, Special Collections & University Archives Department
Special Projects
Dosu, Tabzeera 278-2553 Librarian
Tsakopoulos Hellenic Collection
Paganelis, George 278-4361 Curator, Tsakopoulos Hellenic Collection
User Services
Anghel, Maria 278-5178 Library Services Specialist II
Davis, Rachael 278-4791 Library Services Specialist II
Gleason, Astra 278-6050 Library Services Specialist IV
Jensen, Jared 278-4923 Library Services SpecialistIV
Lamberti, Jamie 278-6709 Library Services Specialist III
Reddick, Mary 278-4045 Head, User Services Department
Smith, Jack 278-6395 Library Services Specialist II
Trujillo, Melissa 278-6632 Library Services Specialist IV
Van Handel, Lisa 278-6877 Library Services Specialist III