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Suspensions and Fines

Items are due on the DUE DATE & due dates may change. To avoid overdue fines & other account blocks, make sure your email address is current & monitor your account regularly. You will receive due date reminders & other important notices if your email address information is current. Fines accrue 365 days a year, even when the Library is closed. When an item is forty-four full days overdue, a bill of $70.00 accrues (cost of item: $50, processing fee: $10, overdue fine: $10). All accounts not paid within 30 days of billing are sent to Campus Billing for collections. These accounts may result in additional fees due to collection costs. UCD & other CSU students will have home campus Academic Holds placed against them. Borrowing privileges will be restored when the overdue materials are returned and the fees are paid. Important: Non-receipt of overdue and billing notices, or distance from the campus, do not mitigate overdue fines due to failure to return items by the assigned or re-assigned due date.

If an item checked out to you is recalled, you will be notified by email of the new due date. If the item is not returned before or on the new due date, a $10 overdue fine will be assessed. Items may be recalled at any time. Patrons should be aware that all notices are to be considered a courtesy only.

It is your responsibility to monitor your due dates by viewing the My Library Accounts > My EUREKA option on the Library website. The User Services Department should be notified of any long term or permanent change of your email & postal addresses.


PLEASE BE AWARE that the User Services Desk CANNOT accept cash, check, or credit cards. All payments must be made through the PAY ONLINE function of either MY EUREKA or through the My Sac State portal.

For more information about how to pay library fees and charges online, please see Pay Library Fees Online:

At this time the User Services desk accepts OneCard and Courtesy OneCard for payment.