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Instruction Evaluation Form


Class level:
Freshman Sophomore Junior Senior Graduate Other

Have you taken a tour of the CSUS Library?
Yes No

Have you taken a class taught by a CSUS librarian previous to this session?
Yes No

Check the phrase that best describes your comfort level when doing research in the CSUS Library:

Before you attended this session. After you attended this session.
anxious anxious
somewhat comfortable somewhat comfortable
comfortable comfortable
confident confident
very confident very confident

Please respond to questions that relate to the presentation you attended today. [NA=not applicable]


Agree Disagree Disagree Strongly N/A
The purpose of this Library Instruction session was clear.
I now feel confident that I can use the databases and/or search engines covered today.
The Librarian was knowledgeable and responsive to questions.
The Librarian was enthusiastic about teaching and the library.
The Librarian presented the subject matter in a clear understandable and organized manner.
The handouts/guides that were distributed were helpful.
The class met or exceeded my expectations.
This class was a waste of my time, I already knew everything that was covered.

What did you learn today? (Be specific)

What else would you have liked to learn about that was not covered?

Any additional comments?