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Resource Guide for Users with Disabilities

Table of Contents

Item Retrieval


Braille and Sign Language Resources

Library Media Center



Course Reserves

Computer Workstations/Computer Lab/Library Collaborative

Instructional Services


Library Hours

Library Phone Numbers


Item Retrieval: Library staff are available to help users retrieve books on a walk-in basis. If assistance is required to retrieve materials from the Second, Third, or Fourth Floors, users may inquire at the Reference Desk. If the Reference Desk is closed, users may request assistance at the User Services Desk on the First Floor. For materials from the First Floor or Lower Level, users may request assistance at the User Services Desk. Requests for retrieving large numbers of books may be made in advance by e-mailing the Ask A Librarian option (see the Library webpage) or by calling the Reference Desk at 278-5673.


Copy Machines: With the exception of the Fifth Floor, copy machines are located throughout the Library. To accommodate wheelchairs, the copy machines have coin slots and OneCard units located at a reachable level.

User Services: Disabled users may request a variety of copying assistance at the User Services Desk: User Services staff will make copies for patrons with vision impairments or for those unable to use the coin-operated photocopiers by nature of disability. These copies are charged at the rate of $.10 per copy, or a OneCard can be supplied by the patron to receive the rate of $.06 per copy. Enlargements and reductions are also available. Please allow 24 hours for the copying to be completed. Students, faculty, and staff may add money to their OneCards, or may purchase a Courtesy OneCard, at the Value Transfer Station (VTS) located on the first floor near the User Services Desk. In addition, User Services staff will photocopy both Library materials and personal materials submitted by professors to be placed on Course Reserves.

Braille and Sign Language Resources: The Sacramento State University Library also has Braille dictionaries and encyclopedias in the Reference collection, and other braille materials in various locations throughout the Library. Check Eureka for specific locations. Sign language dictionaries on compact disks are housed in the Library Media Center. Most CDs can be used on all Library Research Stations equipped with CD drives. Additional equipment and assistance is available for Sacramento State University students at the High Tech Center, now located in the Academic Information Resource Center (AIRC).

Library Media Center: The South Elevator, located in the Library Media Center (LMC) corridor, provides wheelchair access to the Library Media Center. Both Video Conference Rooms (rooms 1522 and 1533) and Individual Viewing Booths provide wheelchair-accessible areas. Disabled users may request assistance at the LMC Service Desk to view videos at the Individual Viewing Booths or in the Group Viewing Rooms. Many of the Library Media Center video titles are 'closed-captioned'. Closed-captioning means that printed words will appear on the TV screen as dialog is spoken. Hearing-impaired patrons may use the LMC Group Viewing Rooms to view videos. The LMC staff will also help hearing-impaired patrons find videotapes with closed-captioned screens. In addition, classes conducted in sign language may use the LMC Group Study Rooms for their projects.

The LMC also houses the Microform (microfilm and microfiche) Collection and the microform printers. The LMC will assist patrons in wheelchairs to load, read, or print microform content. They will also retrieve and copy microforms if a user is unable to do so. There is a 10 cent charge per page for this copying service.


User Services: The bookdrop inside the Library is located at the North end of the User Services Desk (to the left when facing the desk) on the First Floor. When the Library is closed, there is an after hours bookdrop located to the South of the Library exit doors (to the right while standing outside). In addition, there are 24-hour book returns located on the corner of Sinclair Drive and Moraga Way, near the tennis courts. All Course Reserve items must be returned directly to User Services.

Library Media Center: Library Media Center materials should be returned directly to the Library Media Center. There is a Media Return Box next to the Media desk. When the Library Media Center is closed, these materials may be returned to the User Services Desk.


User Services: Proxy checkout for faculty members may be arranged through Library User Services. Faculty members must complete and sign a Proxy Agreement Form. Eligible proxy borrowers include CSUS staff and current students with OneCards and no blocks on their Library Accounts.

Semester loan privileges will be authorized and arranged by Services to Students with Disabilities (SSWD) for Sacramento State University students who require this service. Proxy checkout may be arranged on the same basis. This service allows an alternate student to check out Library items for SSWD students.

Extended checkout of Course Reserve materials may be arranged for disabled students through SSWD. Disabled faculty may also request extended checkout of Course Reserve items. In addition,an extended checkout period for two-hour items to readers hired by SSWD to tape materials for the vision impaired. Proxy checkout for students may be arranged through Servcies to Students with Disabilities. A OneCard is required for checkout of reserve materials.

Course Reserves:

Placing Textbooks and Course Materials on Reserve: CSUS faculty may submit requests to User Services in person, by phone, by mail, by fax, or by email. Professors may also send staff members or students to submit requests to User Services for their courses. Links to electronic resources, Word files, PDF fires, and other various formats may be sent by email. User Services staff will pull requested Library materials from the shelves for faculty members.

Electronic Reserves: Professors may place both copyrighted and non-copyrighted materials (e.g., journal articles, book chapters, course notes, exams, homework solutions, sample papers, problem sets, lecture notes, course syllabi, reading lists, examinations, links to CSUS full text-articles, etc.) on Electronic Reserves for their courses. Electronic reserve items are available via the Internet to CSUS students, faculty, and staff only. Electronic materials may be viewed, printed, or downloaded.

Computer Workstations/Computer Lab/Library Collaborative: There are several wheelchair-accessible workstations on the First Floor. The Second Floor has one wheelchair-accessible workstation with enlarged font displays, trackballs, ergonomic keyboards, and adjustable tables. These workstations provide access to the same databases that are available via the other Eureka public stations. The Second Floor has two wheelchair-accessible PrintSmart stations. The UCCS Computer Lab on the Second Floor contains three wheelchair-accessible workstations, all of which have voice recognition and monitor enlargement features, as well as trackballs and ergonomic keyboards. The Library Collaborative workstations on the First Floor are all wheelchair-accessible. Additional wheelchair-accessible workstations are available throughout the Library.

Instructional Services: The Instructional Services unit will provide individual instruction and research assistance for students with disabililties. Special effort will be made to adapt instruction to the specific learning needs of the student. Web-based tutorials, instructional guides, and audiovisual instructions are also available from a a variety of links on the Library homepage.


Elevators: Users may access all six floors by the two public elevators in the North Wing of the Library. The South Elevator, located in the Library Media Center corridor on the First Floor, provides wheelchair access to the Library Media Center, as well as access to the Second and Third Floors. With Library staff assistance, disabled users may also access University Media Services via the South Elevator. Please contact the User Services Desk for assistance.

Ramps: There are two external ramps on the north side of the Library and one external ramp on the south side. There is an exterior elevator located between the ramps on the north side of the Library to provide service between the First Floor level and the ground level.

Lift: If the South Elevator is not operating, a stairway lift is available to provide access between the First Floor and the Library Media Center. Please contact the User Services Desk for assistance.

Library Hours: There are numerous Library departments and their service hours vary from Library Building Hours. The Library is also closed during certain holidays. A comprehensive Schedule of Hours is available at the User Services Desk, the Reference Desk, and online at

Library Phone Numbers:

Library Hours Recording, 278-6926

Instructional Services, 278-5981

Interlibrary Loan, 278-6395

Library Media Center, 278-5665

Microforms, 278-5665

Periodicals Desk, 278-5453

Reference Desk, 278-5673

Course Reserves, 278-6876

Slide Collection, 278-5665

Special Collections and University Archives, 278-6144

Tsakopoulos Collection, 278-4361

User Services, 278-6708

Acknowledgements: The Resource Guide was first developed by Mary Baker, former Library liaison to Services to Students with Disabilities (SSWD), to inform users of Library policies and services for disabled users.

Revised 8/10.