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University Publications

CSUS Special Collections & Archives - University Publications


University Publications


Publications tend to convey specific kinds of information for specific audiences. This is true of institutional publications as well. Publications are also a reflection of the culture and time in which they are published. If published over an extended period of time, they will reflect a variety of cultural and institutional changes. Consequently, these can be useful sources for historical information.

Female students typing in one of the university's classrooms, circa 1956.

The Archives houses a variety of university publications that have been published by variety of campus offices. In addition to the 'major' publications a number of faculty and student publications are available to researchers. The Archives attempts to collect a broad range of university publications in order to document aspects of the university community that aren't necessarily documented in other records.


The list below is broken into broad categories to simplify browsing. While comprehensive, this list should not be  regarded as complete.


Major University Publication: Description: Location:
Bulletin, 1948 - 2005

Published as the Calendar, 1948 - 1960

Weekly campus newsletter for faculty and staff. Since August 2005, published only in electronic format. Reading Room; see also the electronic version.
Catalog, 1947 - present Since 1980 the catalog has been published every two years. Since 1994 available in both electronic and paper formats Reading Room; see also the electronic version.
Class Schedule, 1947 - 2005/06

Formerly the Schedule of Classes

Published only in electronic format as of Summer 2006. UPUBS; see also the electronic version.
Sacramento State Magazine, 2005 - present

(See under Alumni below for previous titles.)

Published twice a year, since Spring 2001. Published in both paper and electronic formats. UPUBS; see also the electronic version.
State Hornet, 1948 - present

Microfiche version 1949 - 1994/95

The campus newspaper. Published weekly. Since May 2000, published in both paper and electronic versions. Room 1509 (microfiche located in the Reading Room); see also the electronic version.
The Statesman, 1949-1970; 1976-1995; and 1997 The yearbook. Not published 1971 - 1975; 1996; and since 1997. Reading Room


Other University Publications: Description: Location:
The California Executive Fellows Journal, 1991-2000; (incomplete) Published by the Center for California Studies. UPUBS
Commencement Programs, 1948-2003/04 Published by the Office of University Ceremonies. UPUBS
Directories, 1947-2004/05 Published by the Office of Computing, Communications, and Media Services. UPUBS
Extension Catalogs, 1965-2003/04 Published by the College of Continuing Education. UPUBS
Herky Handbook, 1950-1967 Published by Associated Students, Inc. UPUBS
The Jesse Marvin Unruh Assembly Fellowship Journal, 1990-1997; (incomplete) Published by the Center for California Studies. UPUBS
Proceedings, University Association of Research Scholars, 1985-1994 Abstracts of papers. Published annually by the Office of Research and Graduate Studies. UPUBS
Schedule of Classes, 1947-2005/06 Available only in electronic version since Summer 2006. UPUBS; see also the electronic version.
Summer Session Catalog, 1948-2000/01 Bound with annual catalogs through 1979. UPUBS


Faculty Related Publications: Description: Location:
Dialogue, 1979-1981 Published by Victor Comerchero. UPUBS - Misc 02:23-24
Explicacion de Textos Literarios, 1972-1999 Published 1972 - 1981 by the Department of Spanish and Portuguese under the general editorship of Francisco E. Porrata. Published 1982 - 1999 by the Department of Foreign Languages, under the general editorship of Jorge A. Santana and Harry J. Dennis. UPUBS
Revue du Pacifique: Etudes de Literature Francaise, 1975-1979 Published twice a year by the Department of French, Robert Eisner, editor. UPUBS
Studia Mystica, 1978-1989 Published quarterly by California State University, Sacramento. Mary E. Giles, Editor-in-Chief UPUBS


Student Publications: Description: Location:
Aardvark, 1972-1975 Published monthly by Woodbury-Kaplanis Publications and distributed to Sacramento area campuses. UPUBS -- Bound
Alternative Education Newsletter, 1969-1975 Unknown. AR138:1-6; see also Experimental College AR16-23
Aquarius, 1969 Unknown. Only 1 issue. UPUBS -- Misc 02:02
Bar Poems, (circa 1969) Student poetry -- mimeographed UPUBS -- Misc 02:16
Black Flag: An Organ of Student Dissent, 1963 Unknown. Only 4 issues. UPUBS -- Misc 01:01
Brouhaha, 1975-1976 Published by the Department of French and Italian. UPUBS -- Misc 01:02
The Campus Enquirer: CSUS Calendar of Monthly Happenings, 1980-1982 Published by The Union Network of Innovative Quality University Entertainment (UNIQUE). UPUBS -- Oversize
Canterbury Comment, 1964-1965 Unknown. UPUBS -- Misc 01:03
Common Sense, 1991-1993 A diverse coalition of students. Only Volume 3, issue 2. UPUBS -- Misc 02:21; see also UPUBS -- Oversize
CSUS Catchword Collection, 1993-1996 Published by Creative ArTists' CHoice. UPUBS -- MIsc 02:19
The Current Wisdom, 1992-1993 Published monthly during the academic year by State Hornet Publications. UPUBS -- Misc 02:18
Greeks, 1967 Published by and for Sac State sororities and fraternities. Only 4 issues. UPUBS -- Misc 01:07
Helping Hand, 1952-1954 Published by Associated Students of Sacramento State College. Only 2 issues. UPUBS -- Misc 01:08
Handouts, 1961-1968 Variety of handouts, flyers, and newsletters. UPUBS -- Misc 01:09; see also AR96 & AR96A
Hoof and Mouth, 1968 Unknown. Only number 1 issue. UPUBS -- Misc 01:10
In Focus Journal: An Independent Student Newspaper, 1996 Unknown. UPUBS -- Oversize
The Levee: Literary Flotsam and Jetsam, 1965-1971 Volumes I and II (1966-1967) published monthly by Forum, subcommittee of the Philosophy Club. Volume III (1971) published quarterly by the English and Journalism Departments. UPUBS bound issues; UPUBS -- Misc 01:11
The McNair Scholars Journal, 1999-2006 Published by the McNair Scholars Program, Division of Academic Affairs. UPUBS
New Life Vocations Newsletter, 1971-1974 Unknown. UPUBS -- Misc 02:03
The New Student, 1970-1971 Eventually published by Students for Radical Action. (See also The Student and The New Voice.) UPUBS -- Misc 02:04
The New Voice, 1971-1975 Continued The New Student. Published initially by Students for Radical Action, then the Worker-Student Alliance. Eventually the publication moved to Oakland. UPUBS -- Misc 02:5-8
Night Hornet, 1974-1976 Newsletter published for evening class students and faculty. UPUBS -- Misc 01:05
The Oracle, 1972 Published by the Sacramento State College Republicans. UPUBS -- Misc 01:19
Sacramento State Forum, 1983-1985 Unknown. UPUBS -- Oversize
Sacramento State Review, 1960-1965 Published twice a year by the Division of Humanities and Fine Arts. UPUBS bound issues; UPUBS -- Misc 01:12
Scope, 1966-1967 A news feature magazine. Published by Associated Students of Sacramento State College. Only 2 issues. UPUBS -- Misc 01:14
The Social Worker: The Voice of Social Change, 1967-1968 Published by the Graduate Social Work Students of Sacramento State College. UPUBS -- Misc 02:13
Squeeze, 1973-1974 Published by the English Department. UPUBS -- Misc 02:14
SSCribe, 1952-1959 A literary magazine published quarterly. Eventually published by the Division of Humanities and Fine Arts. UPUBS -- Misc 01:15-17
Star Probe, 1980 Published by the CSUS Science Fiction Club. UPUBS -- Misc 02:12
Stinger, 1957 Unknown. Only 3 issues. UPUBS -- Misc 02:15
The Student, 1965-1967 Published weekly by Forum, a group of students and faculty. UPUBS bound issues. UPUBS -- Misc 2:09-11
Student Directories, 1952-1958 Published by Associated Students of Sacramento State College. UPUBS -- Misc 01:04
The Troubador, 1987 Published by the CSUS English Club. Only 1 issue. UPUBS -- Misc 02:17
Undercurrent, 1971-1974 Published twice a year by journalism students (Journalism 196 and 132). UPUBS -- bound; see also UPUBS -- oversize
The University, 1964, 1965 Published by the Steering Committee of the United Christian Campus Ministry at Sacramento State. UPUBS -- Misc 02:20
University Review, 1992-1993 Published monthly during the academic year by the State Hornet Publications Board. UPUBS -- Misc 02:22


Union Related Publications: Description: Location:
California Professor, 1979-1999 Published by the California Faculty Association. AR177; see also AR57 for related materials
Forum, 1964-1968 Publication sponsored by AAUP, ACSCP, AFT, and CSEA. UPUBS -- Misc 01:06
State Employee, 1968-1986 Published by the California State Employees' Association. AR139; see also AR42 and AR42A for related materials.
UPC Advocate, 1970-1988 Published by University Professors of California AR129A and 129B; see also UPUBS -- Oversize for UPC broadsides 1971-1978
The Voice of the Faculties, 1964-1970 Newsletter of the Association of California State College Professors (ACSCP). UPUBS bound; see also AR106 for related materials