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Reading Room Rules

CSUS Special Collections & Archives - Reading Room Rules

Reading Room Rules

  1. Patrons are required to sign the registration form.
  2. Patrons are required to provide valid identification (campus ID, driver's license).
  3. Access to collections is open to all patrons; however, restrictions may apply in part or in whole depending on the following: Donor restrictions, poor physical condition, protection of personal privacy or legitimate proprietary rights, to maintain administrative confidentiality, or if the collection is unprocessed.
  4. Books and collections are non-circulating.
  5. Food, beverages, cell phones, personal stereos, smoking, and animals are not permitted in the Reading Room.
  6. Use only pencils when taking notes. Personal computers and notebook paper are permitted in Reading Room. The use of personal scanners and cameras including video, digital and still requires advanced notice and permission by the department head.
  7. Personal articles such as handbags, backpacks, and coats are not permitted in the reading room. Lockers and coat racks are provided.
  8. It is the patronís responsibility to handle all collection material with care. Your hands should be clean (gloves are available). Documents lie flat on the table. Do not place items on top of documents.† Do not rearrange the established order of documents. Book supports will be provided for those bound items that require extra support.
  9. The Department of Special Collections and University Archives reserves the right to inspect all research material before a patron leaves the reading room.
  10. The Department of Special Collections and University Archives reserves the right to refuse duplication requests due to copyright law, prior agreement with the donor, and preservation concerns.††††
  11. Research material can be placed on hold for up to 5 working days upon request.†