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Japanese American Collection

CSUS Special Collections & Archives - The Japanese American Archival Collection

The Japanese American Archival Collection

The collection is comprised of original documents, including letters, photographs, diaries, scrapbooks, newsletters, artwork, clothing and artifacts.

The collection provides valuable insights into the history of Japanese American communities in northern California, particularly in the town of Florin, California from the late 19th century and into the 20th century. The collection contains significant documentation related to the internment of Japanese-born and Japanese American individuals during World War II and continues to serve as a valuable resource to a broad range of users, including scholars, teachers, students, writers, journalists and documentary film producers.

The Japanese American Archival Collection ImageBase provides selected photographs and images, however the Special Collections and University Archives contains more materials and should be explored beyond the Image Database.

For more information, please contact Sheila O'Neill.

Little girl on rocking horse at Tule Lake Relocation Center, circa 1941.