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December 2005

December 14 , 2005• Volume 9, Number 12

From the Editor...

This issue brings an end to the volume year and also to 2005. Every once in a while I think there will be no issue, and then the stories come in from you. Thank you! I want to encourage the idea that Floor 2 Floor is a communication tool for the Library and thus I look forward to receiving your contributions. I want to especially thank Laura Archbold for her editorial assistance with the newsletter. My sporadic schedule has never prevented Laura from getting back edited stories and I greatly appreciate her constancy. see story

Books on Books
By Kurt Kuss, SCUA

I enjoy reading about books. Books about books, book shops, book dealers, libraries, librarians, collectors, and collections – these are all perfect candidates for my reading list. The relationship between bookshops, collectors, and libraries is filled with stories of discovery and intrigue, fortune and misfortune, integrity and greed, moral choices everywhere, the sacred and the profane. Consequently, the subject of books, and the various settings of libraries, archives, makes for good fiction too. Here, then, is a short list of good reading with some helpful links. see story

New Equipment on Ground and Roof of the Library
By Eileen Heaser, Safety, Security and Health Committee, Chair

If you have wondered about the new metal structure outside the Library Receiving area and on the roof visible from the 5th floor read on.

Verizon has brokered a deal with the campus to install a cell tower (dish) on the Library roof to provide cellular service in the area. They have already installed others on campus. We have some of the tallest buildings in the area, a feature important for the satellite dishes to function efficiently. see story

Library Holiday Party a Success
By Anne Bradley, Reference

LEC would like to thank everybody who attended the Library Holiday Party on Thursday, December 8th. Everybody seemed to be relaxing and enjoying the food and fun. Congratulations to Carol Gebel, the winner of the “What’s My Favorite Book, Movie, or TV Show” game we played at the party. If you weren’t able to attend or attended and didn’t play but would like to give the game a whirl, you can give it a try. see story

2005 Fall Library Graduates

See the List!

Editor: Kathryn Blackmer Reyes
Assistant Editor: Laura Archbold

Floor to Floor is a monthly publication from the CSUS University Library. The newsletter fosters communications and promotes a community spirit within the Library.

Deadline submission for the next Floor to Floor, forthcoming.

Exhibits: Past, Present and Future
By Carol Gebel, Exhibit Committee

If you haven’t stopped by the vertical cases to see the November exhibits, you have a second chance! The current exhibits will continue until mid-December. Perhaps you’ve asked for a Magellan or other GPS system for this year’s winter holidays after you take a look at the display in the freestanding case on the first floor. On the second floor a large selection of atlases is complemented by a very detailed look at an urban geography project based on the Sacramento Oak Park neighborhood, which has undergone several changes since its beginnings. The campus Geography Club presents this extensive exhibit that originated with Geography Awareness Week in November.

Don’t forget to visit (or for some of us, revisit) the decade of the 1960s as the feminist movement gained momentum. The CSUS Women’s Studies Program has mounted a very complete exhibit in the first floor escalator cases that documents the role of the women and the publications from that turbulent era.

The Exhibits Committee wishes everyone a wonderful holiday season. Come back in January to see what will be front and center in the (newly renovated) display cases.

Current and Upcoming
University Library Exhibits

1st floor: Women’s Studies at CSUS: the First Decade. Presented by CSUS Women’s Studies Program. Continues to Dec 16.

1st floor: Geography Awareness Week: Tolls and Technology in Geography. Presented by the CSUS Geography Club. Continues to Dec 16.

2nd floor: Geography Awareness Week Oak Park Stories: A Service Learning Project in Urban Geography. Geographic Information Systems Day. Presented by the CSUS Geography Club. Continues to Dec 16.