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June 2005

June 27 , 2005 Volume 9, Number 6
We continue to say "Good Luck" - B.J. Shaw departs
By Jared Jensen, Circulation

It’s official! Benjamin Shaw, or B.J. as he is known by most folks, (or even Benjamin J. Shaw, the California Poet by those with literary savvy) is leaving the Library for pastures of a greener variety. see story

Olsonic Digressions: A Fictional Look into the Fictional Mind of the Fictional Charles Olson*
A Monthly Series by Benjamin J. Shaw, The California Poet

The FINAL Episode: The Olson Strikes Back
It is years in the future. Twenty to be exact. Charles Olson is at a potluck. Yes, he is actually at the potluck. Participating. This may be hard to believe, but times have surely changed. He is talking to a new circulation student. see story

Fun in the Sun at the Library Faculty & Staff Appreciation Picnic
By Julie Thomas, Chair, Library Employee Committee

Mother Nature served up the perfect spring day while Jim Hayes and Ed Alston grilled up some tasty barbeque for everyone at the Library Faculty & Staff Appreciation picnic on Tuesday, June 7 th. A good time was had by all, especially the lucky winners of the cake walk and the bingo games - which were emceed magnificently by Reza Peigahi. Kerry Ryan was the jovial clown underneath the makeup and wig, making one and all smile with her beautiful balloon chapeaux and animals. see story

Editor: Kathryn Blackmer Reyes
Assistant Editor: Laura Archbold

Floor to Floor is a monthly publication from the CSUS University Library. The newsletter fosters communications and promotes a community spirit within the Library.

Deadline submission for the next Floor to Floor, July 20, 2004, released July25, 2005.

EXHIBITS: Past, Present and Future
By Carol Gebel, Acquistions

If you are facing the battle of bug and pest in your yard this summer, be sure to see Leilani Hall’s exhibit on gardening and pick up a copy of her bibliography on the first floor. Learn to tell the good bug from the bad. Also, check out the books in the nearby table case.

Our current exhibits are scheduled to extend until the end of summer, which will give everyone more time to enjoy them. Charles Martell has graciously agreed to let us enjoy his birds in the library media link throughout the summer. Two exhibits are undergoing slight changes: Library Artistry (first floor) and Portraits (second floor). The second floor exhibit on campus faculty diversity will remain throughout the summer to allow it to be seen by students and other visitors to the library this summer.


  • Rachel Frame appointed to new position
  • Eugene Redmond back at CSUS
  • China Scholars visit Library
  • Peggy Cabrera joins CSU Faculty

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