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December 2004

December 20 , 2004 • Volume 8, Number 12

Eva Jimenez Retires! 35 Years in the Making
By Rhonda Rios-Kravitz. Head, Access Services

When asked what her plans are for the futures, Eva stated she “is riding into the sunset”!! She leaves us all with many terrific memories, including now this engaging vision of her galloping away on a stallion to new adventures and sueños (dreams). Eva began her career in the Library in 1967. She was hired as a Clerical Assistant II in Circulation under Taku Nimura and was promoted to a LA I two years later. see story

Perceptions of Two New Academic Libraries
By Fred Batt, Library Administration

I had the opportunity to tour two brand new academic libraries over recent weeks. COLD met at CSU - San Marcos; the CARL Board of Directors meeting was at Chapman University. (I did send a short e-mail to Reference about the San Marcos experience.) Overall, both buildings were attractive and comfortable. Chapman was designed to be functional while making a distinct architectural statement. San Marcos was designed to be a place for knowledge, a place for technology, a place for you. This included a fireplace in an inspiring reading room. see story

Value of Professional Travel
By George Paganelis, Curator, Tsakopoulos Hellenic Collection

Apart from the opportunity to take in new sights, sounds and—ah, yes, even smells—the value of professional travel can hardly be overstated. Whether serving on a national committee, attending a workshop, networking with colleagues, or, usually, a combination of these things, leaving the familiar confines of the library is doubly beneficial for the new skills, knowledge and contacts one gains and the fresh perspective and vigor one returns with from a sort of “individual retreat.” see story

From the Editor...

As we reach the first anniversary of this F2F reincarnation, I wish to thank you for your support. Looking back in our first year of publication, I hope F2F has achieved the goal of covering part of the communication gap in our workplace. Of course there is still room for improvement and growth. see story

2004 Fall Library Graduates

See the List!


Editor: Kathryn Blackmer Reyes
Assistant Editor: Laura Archbold

Floor to Floor is a monthly publication from the CSUS University Library. The newsletter fosters communications and promotes a community spirit within the Library.

Deadline submission for the next Floor to Floor January 19, 2005, released January 20, 2004.

Exhibits: Past, Present and Future
By Carol Gebel, Exhibit Com. Chair

The exhibit of posters: Providing Culturally Competent Nursing Care is scheduled to be removed by the date of this issue. The committee and Professor Altmann’s class hope you have had a chance to view this Nursing class project.
The December exhibit on the first floor is Dolls of Color, which showcases just some of Rubby Hampton’s extensive collection of black dolls. Have you found the circus clown dolls or the cabbage patch doll? Did you notice that one of the dolls on the top shelf is really a lamp? My favorite is the doll with the “minimalist” face. This exhibit is complimented with a display of books open to pages that portray black dolls, some from nineteenth-century America and from African countries.
In January Mark Fox Morgan’s Collages will be exhibited on the walls of the third floor of the library. A graduate student in art at Sacramento State, Mark’s work features large canvases on which his artistic vision shines. Mark’s work has been shown throughout northern California and he has a website: This exhibit is planned to open January 5, 2005 and continue through January 27, 2005.
An exhibit focusing on the youth and ministry of Martin Luther King, Jr. will be exhibited on the first floor in January. The Reverend’s educational background and his religious views that influenced his leadership of the Civil Rights Movement will be the emphasis of this exhibit. The book display case will feature children’s books about Martin Luther King.

Current and Upcoming
University Library Exhibits

1st floor standing case: Black Dolls
1st floor table case: CSUS books on Dolls

1st floor table case: MLK, JR., FOR KIDS

Contact Carol Gebel at for information.