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August 2004

August 30, 2004 • Volume 8, Number 8

There Goes the Serials Department...!

Bill Davies Retires and Donna retiring!
By Jennifer Ware, Acquisitions

Bill Davies has retired, just a month short of 28 years with the CSUS Library. And after 30 years of work and dedication to the CSUS Library, Donna Gollihur has decided its time to retire! Her last day of work will be October 5. see story

Olsonic Digressions: A Fictional Look into the Fictional Mind of the Fictional Charles Olson*
A Series by Benjamin J. Shaw, The California Poet

Episode III: Living a Spartan Lifestyle
“Listen here, Shaw. It’s simple, really: you need to simplify your life. You wonder why things get out of hand? Complexity. You need to save complexity for the most important aspects of the life of the artist: 1) your hero’s quest. It must happen…if you wish to be a real artist…like Morrison. He was completely conscious of his art. see story

Ten Tips for a More Effective Meeting
By Marianne Reynolds, Reference Dept

This August, I attended a four-day intensive class at San Jose State University as part of my Master’s program. The class was “Interpersonal Communications for Librarians.” While some of you are snickering at the title of this class (I myself was worried it might be the cheesiest of all cheese-ball library classes), the class proved both enlightening and practical. see story

Special Olympics Walk and Fundraising
By Kerry Ryan, Library Administration

On October 30, I'm going to make a difference in the lives of some very special people and I'll Walk for the Gold® to do it!
Walk for the Gold® is a premier fundraiser for Special Olympics Northern California and I'll be joining hundreds of other people to help raise money for this wonderful organization. I'm asking family, friends and co-workers to make a monetary pledge on my behalf. Can I count on you to help?
see story

Rhonda Rios Kravitz Receives Award

On September 18th the Freedom Bound Center of Sacramento will be honoring Rhonda Rios Kravitz for her countless contributions to the Sacramento community and beyond (to list all of her contributions could be a F2F issue alone). The Annual Dolores Huerta Activist Recognition Dinner is to honor the work that local activists have accomplished in their communities. The Freedom Bound Center‘s mission is to promote democratic participation, empower economically and socially disadvantaged communities, and improve the health of at-risk communities by providing theoretical education and hands-on organizing experience to community activists, especially young people of color.

Editor: Kathryn Blackmer Reyes
Assistant Editor: Laura Archbold

Floor to Floor is a monthly publication from the CSUS University Library. The newsletter fosters communications and promotes a community spirit within the Library.

Deadline submission for the next Floor to Floor, September 22, 2004, released September 27, 2004.

By Geri M. Welch, Director, Publications & Design

Hornet Stadium is quiet now, but for 10 days in July, it was the place to be for thousands of track and field fans from around the U.S. and the world. Although the athletes were deservedly at the center of attention, the Library’s outstanding exhibits, talks, films and other activities built around the Olympic Trials and the Athens Olympics made the Library one of the top campus destinations for visitors. On each day of the event, the most frequently asked question at the CSUS information tent next to the stadium was “Where’s the Library?”

During the Trials, the Library continued its highly successful partnership with the University Library Gallery, and also worked as partners with the University’s Showcase committee, the University Bookstore, the Department of Music and the Department of Anthropology’s Museum. The extensive displays, exhibits and activities were the result of hard work by many Library staff. I hope you agree that it was well worth it!

Current and Upcoming
University Library Exhibits

Through September 30, 2004
Library Olympics Exhibit
Olympics exhibit- 1st floor: Cases, walls and in SCUA
Olympics exhibit (Ancient and Revival) Tsakopolous Room – 3rd floor

Off the Beaten Track: Sports in Traditional Societies. Exhibit presented by the CSUS Anthropology Museum. 3rd floor walls

Through August 31, 2004
Creative Collectives: Chicana Painters Working Community. 2nd floor – Mezzanine and walls

Upcoming Exhibits:
Sept. 15 - Oct. 15, Hispanic Heritage (2nd floor Mezzanine and link walls)
October - Brown vs. Board of Education (3rd floor)
October - Educational Rights (1st floor)

Contact Carol Gebel at for information.