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Take a Tour of the University Library

The easiest way to learn about all the things the University Library has to offer is to take a tour.

The self-guided Checkpoint Tour (click for pdf), allows you to explore the Library at your own pace, anytime the building is open. Just ask for a copy at the User Services Desk on the main floor and follow the yellow Checkpoint numbers from floor to floor. Allow 45 minutes (less if you walk fast) for the tour. When you return the tour booklet to the User Services Desk you will receive a blue Tour Verification Card. Some instructors require this as proof that you have taken a tour and offer extra credit to students who take the tour on their own time.

If you have questions about the University Library or it's resources, go to the Reference Desk on 2NORTH and a Librarian should be able to help you. If you are home and want a quick answer, either call the Reference Desk at (916) 278-5673 or click on Ask a Librarian for email information or live chat.

You can also ask for help at the User Services Desk on 1NORTH.

The Library no longer offers guided tours.

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